5 Unreal Places in Vietnam That You Think Only Exists in Your Imagination

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We're not kidding you - these travel destinations actually exist and aren't a figment of your imagination. Be prepared to have your mind blown as you browse through these amazing photos.

5 Unreal Places in Vietnam That You Think Only Exists in Your Imagination
Photo by Sapa Tours From Hanoi team

It’s the dramatic site of the far north’s Sa Pa, rather than the bustling market town itself, that travellers rave about. If the mist hasn’t rolled in, viewpoints take in green terraces and looming conical mountains, including Mount Fan Si Pan, Vietnam’s tallest peak. Trekkers use Sa Pa as a base to visit nearby minority villages that still practice a traditional way of life.

5 Unreal Places in Vietnam That You Think Only Exists in Your Imagination 1
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
Ha Giang stone plateau

Have you ever hear about the fields off buckwheat flowers blooming marvelously and carpeting all over the mountains with its light pink color? If you heard it once, you might know some information about the most beautiful place not only in the north but also in Ha Giang province, Vietnam; Ha Giang is known for its green forests and granite mountains, this is also famous for the narrow ribbon roads blending with the dramatic scenery and colorful minority villages with their unique culture and lifestyle. Ha Giang to home to hundreds of spectacular vantage points. However, few can compare to Ma Pi Leng Pass. Outdoor markets are a regular occurrence in Ha Giang, with residents traveling to attend these weekly or monthly events. One of the most thrilling is the Dong Van Market, which is held on Sundays.

5 Unreal Places in Vietnam That You Think Only Exists in Your Imagination 2
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours team
Halong Bay

With its aqua-green water and cluster of limestone rocky outcrops rising from the water like sea dragons, Ha Long Bay resembles a scene from a fantasy story. Located about 130 km (80 miles) east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam, this otherworldly bay features more than 2,000 jungle-covered islands pitted with intriguing caves, grottoes, sinkholes and lakes. For something special, make a trip out to Ha Long Bay’s floating village. Many of the islands have been sculpted over the centuries by natural processes into fantastic formations.

Photo by trinhxuandao
Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang

The spectacular cascade marks a border between two countries. Originally two waterfalls get divided into several smaller plunges because of the rocks, that separate them. It is the fourth largest waterfall after Iguazu, Victoria, and Niagara Falls, that mark a national border.

A lot of endemic plant species are also found in these wonderful surroundings. The double waterfall is best admired from the Vietnamese side, but also can be reached from China.

5 Unreal Places in Vietnam That You Think Only Exists in Your Imagination 3
Photo by vtoanstar
Son Doong, Quang Binh

Vietnam's Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is home to the world's largest cave -- a place few people have visited. These incredible snaps giving a glimpse inside the world's largest cave will take your breath away. With the eerie green glow inside the mystical, echoing cavern, Vietnam's Hang Son Doong cave looks like it could be on the edge of the world. The huge cave - large enough to fit a 40-storey skyscraper - is so massive that it has its own climate, and clouds even form inside it. A real underworld here! Son Doong is rich in cave pearls – the calcite crystals, formed over the centuries. 300 million years old fossils are also found here. New species of plants were discovered around the river and waterfall.

Most travelers to Vietnam are attracted by the Vietnam’s wonderful natural beauty. Connect with us to experience the reality of these incredible destinations in Vietnam: http://vietnamtypicaltours.com/contact-us/

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