5 awesome suggestion to interesting experiences in Hoi An, Vietnam

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Some people say Hoi An has nothing to do apart from going shopping, eating, and sightseeing, which are generally similar to many other tourism cities all over the world . However, it is the fact that a large number of travelers decide to come back to this small ancient city and enjoy their vacation. Why do people spend their precious time traveling to Hoi An, not only once but twice or even more than that? The very friendly locals, great traditional cuisines, and laid-back atmosphere are some of the reasons to explain this question. Today, let us show you 6 most prominent experience that, we think, will be worthwhile visiting Hoi An. Hopefully, through this article, we can help you save your time when searching about things to do when travelling to Hoi An.

1. Releasing flower garlands 

In the evening, besides watching Hoi An’s beauty, you can take part in decorating the party of light in the river bank. A wonderful experience that a lot of tourists like to do is dropping flower garlands onto the Hoai River. You yourself will release those small sparkling flower garlands on the river, with the hope that they can bring good lucks to your family and relatives. In addition to the colored lanterns, flower garlands are becoming the typical feature of backpacking in Hoi An.

2. Enjoying “the best Banh Mi in the world” 

Not long ago, David Farley, a BBC reporter specialized in Travel and Cuisine, in his article titled “Is Vietnamese Banh Mi the best sandwich in the world?”, remarked that “Vietnamese Banh Mi is the most miraculous food in the world” after having eaten 15 loaves of Banh Mi at different stores nationwide. One of them is Banh Mi Hoi An. Frankly speaking, Hoi An has many well-known Banh Mi stores. They are Banh Mi Phuong (2B Phan Chau Trinh St.) which is consider the best Banh Mi in Vietnam, Banh Mi Queen/Madam Khanh (115 Tran Cao Van St.), and Banh Mi Madam Lanh (Cua Dai street). Banh Mi Hoi An is stuffed with slices of pork, pate, cucumber, basil, and typical pork sauce which is extremely tasty and attractive.

3. Having couture clothing made in the shortest time

One of Hoi An’s biggest tourist drawcards are the tailors that line the streets in the centre of town. Fancy suits and dresses, t-shirts, bags, leather shoes – whatever you want made, someone can make it happen.

Items that are pricey back home, like suits and gowns, are drastically cheaper, and everyday clothing can be anywhere between low and average price depending on the quality you are after and detail required. The best part is, almost all tailors in Hoi An offer free fittings and adjustments until it is perfect.

If you do plan on getting clothing made, make sure you do your research and shop around. Try a few different shops, get quotes before settling (and try to haggle), and ensure you ask how quick their turnaround is (most are around 24-48 hours).

4. Going on a boat on the Hoai River at night 

This is a very romantic thing to do apart from “dropping flower garlands”. If you feel tired of walking around, you can experience floating on the sparkling and colorful water of the Hoai river at night. Going boating, watching a corner of the Old Town at night, and dropping flower garlands are the favorite activities of many couples, especially those who come to Hoi An to take their wedding photo albums. However, if you’re still single, you can go along with your family, friends.

5. Buying a lantern as a souvenir 

The most popular and typical souvenir in Hoi An is perhaps lanterns. Choosing one lantern to give to your special people or hanging in your own house is ideal. Each time seeing the lantern, we can feel and recollect the great time when being in the Old Town.

6. Feeling the friendliness of the locals 

In the eyes of many tourists, Hoi An people are very friendly. From the young to the elderly, whenever seeing any tourists, they always smile with you and are willing to show you the direction to any place you want. They even do not mind taking you to visit some beautiful landscapes in Hoi An and sharing with you as many thing about Hoi An as possible. They know that this is the best way for them to not only leave a good impression on the tourists but also enhance their English proficiency.

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Have you ever been to the countryside of Hoi An? Would you like to? Share your thoughts and let me know what you think!

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