The best Vietnamese desserts

Nga Do
Hang on tight because we’re about to go on the most exciting culinary adventure in Vietnam where you can indulge your inner child with the tastiest of all of Vietnamese desserts.

There are so many dishes we could speak about, but here are the five most tempting desserts you shouldn’t miss when travelling to Vietnam.

1) Che

Vietnamese sweet soup or pudding with a wide range of beans, jellies, fruit, seeds, vegetables, glutinous rice and tapioca. There are probably a hundred or so types of che. Hot, cold, in a little bowl or a tall glass over ice – you can try them all. Due to its colorful elements, che is the most eye-catching and appetizing of all Vietnamese desserts.

2) Banh Pia (Pia Cake)

Banh pia is not as popular as the aforementioned dessert, primarily because the cake’s primary ingredient is durian – which certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you have no issues with durian’s ungodly odor, then the banh pia is a must-try. Banh pia is a puff pastry with a sweet filling made of durian, green bean and salted egg yolk. One bite into a slice of banh pia while sipping on tea is a delightful experience. The sweetness of banh pia blends with the bitterness of tea creating a delicate aftertaste.

3) Bánh Bò Nướng – Honeycomb Cake

This is also a traditional Vietnamese dessert that uses a lot of pandan leaves. Banh Bo Nuong is a perfect partner with a hot cup of green tea in chilling weather. The outside crust has a light brown color, the inside is light green because of pandan leaves. The cake will make you remember its distinctive taste of coconut milk, pandan leaves and vanilla.

4) Bamh Da Lon (Pigskin Cake)

Banh da lon is a steamed layer cake, which includes rice flour, tapioca starch, mashed mung beans, taro (or durian,) coconut milk and/or water and sugar. Its texture is soft, gelatinous and chewy. This scrumptious dessert is a favorite among locals and found almost everywhere. Banh da lon sit patiently in the glass cases of street vendors, capturing the attention of passersby with their eye-catching colors.

5) Banh Dau Xanh - Mung Bean Cake

Banh dau xanh is made by mung beans, sugar, pomelo flower oil and fat in appropriate percentage. It has sweet taste and attractive smell. After cooking, cake is a dry and smooth powder which is shaped in rectangular. Green bean cake is best when it is served with green tea. The slightly acrid taste of green tea will balance the tasty sweetness of the cake. The two opposites tastes intertwine creating an exciting feeling for diners.

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