Mountain trekking trails are attractive near Hanoi

Nga Do
National parks are ideal places for nature lovers. Located 60 km west of Hanoi, the park covers an area of 10,814 ha and is situated in the Ba Vi mountain range. The park has rich and diverse tropical and subtropical flora and fauna. You can trek through the forests, discover streams and waterfalls deep in the mountains or visit a wildlife reserve in the park.

Ba Vi is a beautiful park and if you just want a quiet getaway from Hanoi, it’s a fine choice. The best way to get to Ba Vi is by motorbike. It’s also possible to take a taxi or a bus, but if you don’t drive a motorbike, you’ll lose a lot of freedom once you arrive in Ba Vi. 

The main attraction at the park is the mountain itself, which rises to more than 1,200m above sea level. There’s a very good road leading 12 km up to the summit. You can hike or cycle it if you like, but a car or a motorbike is also available. 

The foliage, as you ascend the mountain, is green and pristine, and the atmosphere is serene. It’s worth going just for that wonderful feeling of relaxation that comes over you the higher you go. 

Some lower-key attractions lie within the national park boundary surrounding the base of the mountain: several springs, a lake, and some waterfalls, all within a few kilometers and well-marked. Take a look at the map at the main entrance. There’s no real set-up to receive foreign visitors, so if you’re thinking of exploring the park properly, be sure to look into your options with someone knowledgeable in Hanoi before you arrive.

During the French colonization of Vietnam, Ba Vi was used as a sort of destination for great holiday and the ruins of these resorts are still scattered throughout the forests of the mountain. These ruins provide some nice photo ops and are great for exploring on a nice misty-mountain, atmospheric day.

The best time to visit the Ba Vi National Park is between April and October as the weather is cool and perfect for outdoor activities. From mid-November to early December, the park attracts visitors who flock to see the blooming fields of Da Quy, or Mexican sunflowers.

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