Have a peaceful Hanoi in the winter days

Nga Do
There is nothing that screams “awesome getaway” better than slurping down a mouthwatering bowl of hot beef noodles in Hanoi to warm you up. Not a foodie? Why not head over to Sapa to trek breathtaking mountains in cool weather?

This might come as a surprise to some, but certain parts of Vietnam, specifically Hanoi capital Vietnam, goes through four seasons a year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winter in Hanoi usually starts around mid-December, stretching until late March. Hanoi in winter days is more sad, spindly trees with sickening leaves. However, Hanoi in late winter days becomes more hustle and bustle than ever. It is the time when the city is always crowded, noisy as people are busy with work and prepare for the upcoming New Year. Travel to Hanoi in winter would certainly bring visitors a distinctive feeling that nowhere can obtain.

At the heart of Hanoi lies a magnificent lake known as Hoan Kiem Lake. The lake has an instantaneous visual appeal because of its peaceful beauty which is in stark contrast to the chaotic traffic and crowded streets surrounding it. With the house bearing the features of France along with many galleries, restaurants in European style, Trang Tien street is an ideal destination for visitors to feel the romantic and vibrant atmosphere of Hanoi winter. 

Walking all the path, you will catch sights of the Hanoi Opera House carrying the appearance of the opera house in Paris. Enjoy a cup of coffee, visit the gallery or flip through the book street nearby will give you moments of relaxation. In addition, the Old Quarter with the features of capital land is home to many restaurants, entertainment spots, catering for young people and tourists. Stroll around the Old Quarter in the weekend, enjoy the performances of folk and modern music, and food of winter like porridge, hot snails, donuts, grilled corn … surely leave you interesting impression.

Spend a late afternoon riding a bike around West Lake, you will be surprised by the winter air in West Lake with silver mist layers as well as sunset light reflected on the tranquil lake. Visitors can walk on the Korea path (along the West Lake) or sit down in a lakeside restaurant to enjoy hot snails and barbecue with friends. The tranquility of the West Lake will make visitors temporarily forget the chaos of the city.

In the evening, more than 100-year-old Long Bien Bridge is bustling when young people leisurely stroll, temporarily away from urban light and watch the night. Travel here, you can hear the sound of life resounds with train’s whistle, the sound of the bicycle wheel of traders from all places coming home after a hard working day. You can barge into a store of grilled corn and potatoes to temporarily forget the cold of winter Hanoi.

December is the time of Hanoi streets flooded with vending vehicles filled with various types of daisies. For many young people, this is the right time to take the beautiful photos with rustic flowers such as the cabbage flowers. Moreover, in the cold days, you can sit down in a coffee shop and enjoy a warm cup of coffee, sit on the small tables and chairs to hear the old songs will make you have a strange feeling that can not find elsewhere.

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