Amazing sunflower field in Nghe An

Nga Do
Nghe An is one of the attractions in Vietnam with a lot of beautiful landscapes as well as famous heritages related to heroic history of the country. Especially, it is the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh - the great father of Vietnamese people. In recent years, Nghe An has been known for another attraction that is beautiful and wide sunflower field.

The beauty of the yellow sunflowers, which in bloom looks like the bright sun, is responsible for the surge in visitors to the cow-fed plant farm. Every year, in late December, a sunflower field in Nghe An Province comes alive with a brilliant carpet of yellow, orange and gold.

Coming here at the flower season, visitors may find themselves floating in a sea of those special flowers, feel the fresh atmosphere of nature, and capture the most wonderful moments of beautiful sunflowers. Brilliant golden flowers cover the large area, surrounded by green hills, making a picturesque natural scene.

People usually know beautiful sunflower fields in Japan, Italy or France. But now another amazing sunflower fields is also growth in 19/5 farm in Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district, about 100km from Vinh city and 200 km from Hanoi. It is pretty special when this sunny flower rises on Vietnam’s land.

Enjoy this vibrant flower will make you feel full of life, visit Nghe An as well as other attractive destinations in Vietnam beautiful. You can find them at:

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