Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam: the first university in Vietnam

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Vietnam you see today is steeped in ancient rites and traditions that have survived throughout the bumps and scrapes of history. From the vertiginous rice valleys of Sapa in Vietnam’s north stretching to the fascinating bustle of the Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam is home to a wealth of attractions that will seduce both budget and top-range travellers.

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam: the first university in Vietnam
Source: Khoi Tran Duc
Hanoi is one of the localities with the largest number of historical-cultural relics in the whole country of Vietnam. According to the inventory of historical-cultural relics in the area of 29 districts of Hanoi today, Hanoi has over 5,000 relics of all kinds. Besides the monuments and the relics such as temples, pagodas, temples, temples …, Hanoi historical-cultural relics are filtered through legends, anecdotes, narratives, customs and habits. , Etiquette, festivals … in localities. Here are some famous places that you should come if taking a Hanoi tourist.

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam is a famous historical and cultural relic consisting of the Temple of Literature and Vietnam's first university. The Temple of Literature was built in 1070 in honour of Confucius, his followers and Chu Van An, a moral figure in Vietnamese education.

Quoc Tu Giam, or Vietnam's first university, was built in 1076. Throughout its hundreds of years of activity in the feudal, thousands of Vietnamese scholars graduated from this university.

In 1483 Quoc Tu Giam was changed into Thai Hoc Vien (Higher Educational Institute). After decades of war and natural disasters, the former construction was completely destroyed. In preparation for the celebration of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long (present day Ha Noi) another construction has been built following the model of the previous Thai Hoc Vien on the same ground.

The work includes the front hall, the back sanctuary, lean-tos on the left and on the right, the courtyard, and subsidiary structures. This site preserves historical vestiges of a 1,000-year-old civilization such as statues of Confucius and his disciples (Yan Hui, Zengshen, Zisi, Mencius), and ancient constructions such as Khue Van Cac (Pavilion of the Constellation of Literature) and the Worshipping Hall.

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