Top the ideal holiday destination in Hanoi capital

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If you are still wondering which place to spend your upcoming christmas vacation, then our beautiful Vietnam is definitely an ideal suggestion. This coastal land is widely acclaimed as a perfect stop for an endless getaway, an appealing tourist hub for travelers from different corners of the world. Boasting a plentiful of colors and activities, Vietnam promises to bringyou great food, indigenous culture as well as stunning natural wonders. Below is a list of 5 most attractive destinations in Hanoi for Christmas holiday. Let’s follow for closer insight.

Top the ideal holiday destination in Hanoi capital
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1. Hanoi Cathedral - splendid Christmas Eve

Located at No.40 on Nha Chung Street, Hanoi Cathedral is considered a great venue for Catholics and youngsters to engage in Xmas season. Preparatory work often starts several weeks before the Christmas Eve when a large number of people flock to Hanoi Cathedral to see a joyful and meaningful celebration.

In the evening of December 24th, people often flock to Hanoi Cathedral at dusk with their beloveds. Being known as a center of Catholic activities in Hanoi and surrounding areas, Hanoi Cathedral is one of the most beautiful-decorated place in the city. Large pine trees are splendidly decorated at the facade. Besides, caves behind the church are ornamented with colorful lights making the Cathedral become more shimmering and beautiful. Some young people shared that Hanoi Cathedral was always one of the most beautiful and crowded places in Hanoi on Christmas Eve. After visiting the Cathedral, tourists can take a stroll in nearby streets such as Au Trieu Street, Ly Quoc Su Street, Church Street, Nha Chung Street, etc. for tasting delicious street foods there.

2. Hoan Kiem Lake - shimmering Noel

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of places people should not miss during Christmas holiday. Tourists can feel a cozy and happy atmosphere when walking around the city and observing hand-in-hand couples. Setting foot in Hoan Kiem Lake, of course, tourists should not ignore visiting night market - a place selling numerous unique and eye-catching items. After strolling in night market, tourists shared that they were impressed by small stalls arranging neatly and closely along walking streets, which were full of people.

Hoan Kiem Lake is often referring as one of beautiful attractions in Hanoi. However, on Christmas Eve, it becomes much more shimmering and magical thanks to being ornamented by splendidly twinkling lights. Wandering around Hoan Kiem Lake, tourists can enter into a small cafe in Hang Gai Street, sip a cup of Vietnam Egg Coffee, and enjoy the beauty of the lake from the high altitude.

3. Hang Ma Street, Luong Van Can Street - the most eye-catching streets in Hanoi

Located in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street always catches up with the trend by selling ornaments in special events like International Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year Eve, Tet Holiday and Christmas. Anything you need to decorate your Christmas tree as well as gifts and greeting cards can easily be found here with low prices.

Making full use of your trip to walk around Hanoi’s Old Quarter should be a good idea since it may remind you of your hometown with Christmas Trees being put up in front of restaurants; snowmen made from cotton near Ice-cream shops or numbers of Santa and his reindeers on sides of clothe stores. It’s not weird if you see one or two Santa driving motorbike instead of the reindeers on streets because they are actually gifts delivers.

4. Shopping malls - sparkling Noel

Because there is no Black Friday in Hanoi, Noel and New Year Eve are good chances for shopping malls launching their biggest promotional campaign of the year which shocking sale off and hundreds of new arrivals. Parson, Vincom Plaza Tower, Royal City and Time City are the most remarkable shopping centers in Hanoi. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to pick up one or two most trendy pieces of fashion.

5. Music shows and parties

On the night of Christmas or the night before, there are many fantastic music shows of many genres such as pop-ballad; classic or jazz occurring in Hanoi, especially the outside area of Hanoi Opera House and the inside as well. The themes of those shows are no doubt about Christmas.

Additionally, international organizations and universities and embassies usually organize Christmas party to welcome their native civilians and ones with the same interest to join and cheer up for the night.

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