Simplicity of the ethnic minority in Sapa

Nga Do
When going to Vietnam, the North has to be on your itinerary. If we think about North Vietnam, the small town of Sapa immediately comes to mind. This pretty place just can’t be skipped, because it’s the best place in Vietnam to see the rice terraces, the ethnic minority villages and to hike the highest mountain of Indochina.

Simplicity of the ethnic minority in Sapa 1
Source: Sarawut Intarob
Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities such as H'mong, Red Dao, Tay, Dzay and so on. Sapa is a mountainous area, the life of local people is quite simple,natural and peaceful. They live on nature and raise some animals and plants. Living in harmony with beautiful nature, fresh atmosphere, these local people are honest, friendly and very kind. If you go around some villages in Sapa, they will eagerly invite you some tea, traditional food, and if you get lost, they are ready to help you catch up your group. Their life is so simple and sometimes it is affected by nature but they are positive and feel free to smlile

Surprisingly, these tribes do not identify as “Vietnamese,” instead, they choose to proudly boast their hill tribe heritage. There are a handful who live in the area, but the main two that you will see selling swag in the Sa Pa streets are the Hmong and Dao people. Without a doubt, you will encounter them in Sa Pa Town, but it isn’t until you venture out into the surrounding hills that you will become aware of the raw beauty of the land and the people. With their simplicity and naturalistic states of mind, a majority of these tribes live off the land where they lie. 

Taking a trip out into the vast, hill-ridden region, you will see wondrous displays of terraced farming, schools, free-range animals, and jaw-dropping natural landscapes, all of which contribute to the tribes’ abilities to remain self-sufficient and live solely off the land. Many tourists even decide to become temporary roommates with the locals and experience this lifestyle firsthand.

Witnessing the virtually uncorrupted lives of a culture living naturally is something that will enlighten your view on the ways of the world, and undoubtedly remain with you for a lifetime.

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