Northwest Vietnam attracts visitors by the beauty of wild sunflower flowers

Nga Do
The north-western region of Vietnam has impressed visitors in early winter by the bright yellow colour of wild sunflower or Tithonia diversifolia.

Da Quy plants grow very fast and bloom in late October and early December.

are Da Quy flower hills in the north-western region. 

A flower in full bloom has 13 petals and a diameter of 8-10cm. 

Young people are attracted to the region to take photos. 

Da Quy blooming is the symbol of the dry season. In addition, the leaves of this tree are used in some folk remedies.

With its bright yellow colour, Da Quy flowers in bloom beautify villages ...

… and the winding roads along the north-western mountainous region.

Da Quy flowers are familiar to the indigenous people here.

All hills in the region are covered by Da Quy flowers.

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