Grand Christmas & New Year's Cruise

Nga Do
Discover heaven on Earth with a grand cruise on the beautiful country of Vietnam in this year's great Christmas.

If you’re looking to celebrate the holidays and welcome the New Year in incredible style, this special holiday and New Year’s cruise is for you. You’ll enjoy the bay on the luxury cuise, discover the hidden corner of Sapa - the foggy city, along the glittering banks of the sparkling Hoai River and amazing attractions on these unique  discoveries itinerary. Discover the village of the ethnic minority and the glamorous stone church, and escape the haste and trouble of the holidays, as you relax on the luxury cruise and sail through the attractive landscape of Halong Bay.

On Christmas Eve, walk through the ancient but bustling streets of Hanoi Old Quarter to the colorful cathedral for late nights. As you walk through the gorgeous doors, look up: you will see the markers that give long lasting blessings to all who enter. Christmas music is heard on every street of Hanoi when you go through, feel the Christmas atmosphere in each breath. Wander through the splendid locations of Hoi An, watch the colorful lanterns, enjoy the peaceful space, shopping the traditional dress, experience the special activities of the destination be recognized by UNESCO. Visit famous restaurants, enjoy the special local dishes in the old Vietnamese style. Vietnam Typical Tours will take you through the scenic of Vietnam, discover the unique beauty of this beautiful land.

Who will enjoy this cruise

Those who wish to just get away and relax during the busy holiday season, and anyone seeking to celebrate Christmas and welcome in the New Year in an extraordinarily memorable way.

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