Fairy Landscape in Pac Bo, Cao Bang

Nga Do
Coming to Cao Bang, visitors are overwhelmed by the splendor of Ban Gioc Waterfall, the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. It seems to be a shortage if you do not come to Pac Bo feel relaxed, fairy.

Pac Bo is'nt a strange name, but when it comes to it people only think of it as the place of a population of famous revolutionary relics, the famous place associated with the story about Uncle Ho. But when talking about a location for sightseeing, sightseeing with clear streams, steep slopes, rocky cliffs you probably never thought of Pac Bo.

Pac Bo in the Tay-Nung language in Cao Bang means "head of water". Called the headwaters by this place, rocky cliffs cracked, to bring the blue water flow through the source. Do you know only this small stream, also contribute to feed thousands of people here?

If you only hear the name, you will imagine the Pac Bo monument is a place bearing bold historical, cultural and even somewhat dry and boring. However, if you try to come here once, you will definitely be overwhelmed by the magical beauty of the blue water in the relics.

Pac Bo relics are wild with natural beauty, the atmosphere is fresh and cool blue water. The clear blue water became more splendid than ever before in the morning sunshine. 

Co Rac empty land attracts many "four-legged friend" come to rest.

Le Nin stream is famous for being one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Occasional while wandering in the ruins, you will find red maple leaves usually only appear in temperate countries.

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