Everything About The Buckwheat Flower Season In Ha Giang

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Ha Giang is known as the most beautiful scenery in Northern Vietnam. The site of the global geological park Dong Van stone plateau, come here there are so many things to see in this stunningly scenic province – not only is it mountainous literally everywhere but some noted places are Ma Pi Leng Pass, Dong Van Plateau, and Hoang Su Phi. Quan Ba Pass, known for its panoramic views over terraced rice fields below, is located only 50km from the capital city of Ha Giang, also named Ha Giang. Not only the rocky wonders, the spectacular lanscape, the majestic terraces, but here there is a special flower, a blooms in stone flower, a flower amidst the limestone mountains but still strong rise, hatched colorful flower bunches, adorned the color of the forest and moreover it is the flower that saved the people here from hunger in difficult years. It is buckwheat.

What Are Buckwheat Flowers?

Buckwheat, or Fagopyrum tataricum, is a hearty plant bearing three sided grain-like seeds. At maturity it stands at between 2 and 4 feet tall. It flowers prolifically for two to three weeks and eventually produces hundreds of small brown seeds with high nutritional value. Each seed, or groat, is protected by a hard outer shell or hull much like a sunflower seed.

Uses of Buckwheat Flower

Food (Soba Noodles, Kasha and Pancakes!). Buckwheat has long been utilized as a source of nutrition. It contains a well balanced mix of starch, fat, protein and minerals. The young buckwheat flower stem can also be boiled and used as vegetables, or it can be cooked with wine and corn to brew a very unique type of wine. It also has medicinal benefits and is sometimes used as trunk for cattle feed.

The flowers of the buckwheat plant have a pleasant fragrance and tastes quite malty and earthy. The flowers are used for manufacturing a dark brown-colored honey that is quite strong in flavor.

Buckwheat is also utilized as:

pillow fill. That’s what we use it for! In our opinion, stuffing a pillow with buckwheat hulls is one of man’s greatest inventions. A buckwheat hull pillow will perfectly support the space beneath your neck, keeping your spine straight and allowing your neck and back muscles to completely relax. Buckwheat hulls also allow air to move freely through your pillow, preventing uncomfortable heat build up.

a cover crop. Buckwheat is often planted as a cover crop to manage erosion, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, diseases, and biodiversity. It is frequently used to prepare soil for organic crops. It crowds out weeds and it can add up to 3,000 pounds of organic material per acre.

support for bee colonies. A single acre of buckwheat can support a hive of bees producing up to 150 pounds of honey! The flowers of the buckwheat plant have a pleasant fragrance and tastes quite malty and earthy. The flowers are used for manufacturing a dark brown-colored honey that is quite strong in flavor. It apparently produces a very unique flavor.

The Best Places to see the Buckwheat Fields in Ha Giang

Pho Bang hamlet: Known for their quaint, houses, built in the old-fashioned Chinese style. The terrace of flowers next to the houses gives them what a painter would say “a soft touch of brush” in the painting of the harsh nature.

Lung Cu Township: In the Northernmost edge of the country, Lung Cu is famous for its treacherous road to the proud flag tower. On your way there, you’d have to go through many passages on the mountain side and you’d spot many fields of pink buckwheat, run as far as the eyes can see.

Sung La valley: This is one of the best place to be comes the blooming season. Lies among the mountainous landscape, its pinkish hue floods the ground. Apart from that, you can also visit the Sunday market of the many ethnic groups in the region such as the Lo Lo or the H’mong that you’ll come across on your Ha Giang tour.

Lung Tao: Buckwheat grows on the hillsides of Lung Tao, you can have a trekking trip if you want. Along with the magnificent scenery below, the fields look like a frame in a multi-millions dollars movie.

Buckwheat is one of the alternative grain sources for the folks who live here. So please, on your Ha Giang tour, don’t pick or tread on them.

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