Dynamic Differences Between One-Day and Overnight in Halong Bay

Nga Do
The winter holiday is coming and it’s time to sit down and figure out your holiday schedule. With the advent of technology, creating the perfect vacation has become simultaneously easier and harder at the same time. There are hundreds of destinations, deals, and DIY vacation tools. With one click of your finger, you can book a flight, a hotel, and an adventure package independently or all in one. With any luck, you have already chosen Halong Bay, Vietnam as this year’s fantasy spot. The emerald seas, junk boat cruises, and seaplane experiences make it an ideal vacation destination for solo travelers, romantic lovebirds, or globe trotting families. 

One of the best ways to see the sights is a cruise through the emerald seas surrounding the distinctive karsts sprinkled throughout the bay. While there are infinite companies and deals for cruises around Halong, two of the most popular options are a day cruise or an overnight tour. There are benefits to both, depending on time and resources. Instead of getting caught up in the whirlwind of choices, here are some of the differences between day trip and overnight Halong Bay cruises.

Your ship's itinerary might make this choice for you. If you're docked for only a single day, your time on the bay will be limited to a four-, six- or eight-hour cruise. Your choice of vessel is also dictated by the time constraints. Very few operators use their luxury junks for day trips, and kayaking or swimming is often reserved for late afternoon when the vessels put down anchor.

Junks vary slightly in condition, as well as amenities. We recommend either booking through your ship or with a well-regarded private operator to get the best vessel and guides.

If your ship is spending two days in port, you might be able to book an overnight Halong Bay cruise. On an overnight, you have more options in terms of vessels, amenities and level of service; cruises are available for every budget, from backpacker to luxury. You will also have opportunities to do more water activities, such as kayaking, swimming or piloting a bamboo boat.

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