Bai Tu Long Bay - ideal destination for your vacation

Nga Do
Quang Ninh province, placed in the Northen of Vietnam, has many beautiful bays. In particular, Halong Bay is like a gorgeous girl and Bai Tu Long Bay looks like a pure and enchanting maiden. In 2006, Gecko Travel (UK) ecotourism company has voted Bai Tu Long Bay Vietnam as the TOP 5 of the most amazing Southeast Asia Tours destinations.

Bai Tu Long Bay is a trough in the Gulf of Tonkin, located in Northeast of Vietnam, Bai Tu Long Bay covers a part of Ha Long City, Cam Pha town and Van Don island district. The Southwest side is adjacent to Halong Bay, the east by the sea, the west by the mainland with Cam Pha Town and the northeast by COTO island.

Bai Tu Long Bay consists of hundreds of islands, many of which are large islands and populated. The inhabitants mainly live in Van Don island district and Quan Lan Island, Sen - Lotus Village , Ngoc Vung Island and coastal areas Ben Do, Cua Ong ... People mainly make living on fishing and aquaculture of Sea food.

Bai Tu Long Bay has sharply devided climate, is split into two distinct seasons, hot and humid summer, cold and dry winter. The annual average temperature of 15°C- 25°C and rainfall ranges from 2.000mm - 2.500mm / year. 

Bai Tu Long Bay also has the tidal system with tide levels around 3.5 - 4m / day. The islands in the Gulf are usually limestone and schist islands, the terrain of tectonic age about 300 million years, due to the campaign of raising and lowering times, transformed ( varied ) from the sunken continent into the sea.

On the limestone islands, especially Quan cave ( also called as Bồ Quân cave) in which old ships often anchored for hiding in the heavy seastorms. Others famous islands as Hon Chong, Hon Van Don, On Hon, Hon Ba Sao, Chan That mountain... are attractions points .

There are many land islands on Bai Tu Long Bay, many more people are living, breeding and cultivating there as Quan Lan and Minh Chau Commune, Ngoc Vung Island , East Grail, Gold Card ... Specially, Monkey Island (Reu Island) located Cam Pha Town not far away, where many golden monkey type ( kinds) is fed as pharmaceutical materials for producing vaccines against medicinal cerebral palsy.

Bai Tu Long has the famous temple as Tran Quoc Tang Temple. His people built the temple and celebrate every year on the full moon day of lunar January. Don Tinh Hai, on Ngoc Vung Island, peak of Quan Lan Island or 100 compartment pagoda in Van Don district-Quang Ninh also are cultural historical monuments stand known here.

If you are too familiar with Ha Long Bay, this will be the best destination for you in the coming holidays. Do not forget to subscribe to our magazine to stay updated on new and exciting destinations in Vietnam.

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