A memorable Christmas holiday in Sapa

Nga Do
Pleasant weather coming along with wonderful view of mountains and valleys in which many ethnic groups reside along all make Sapa a special destination to discover in your Vietnam Tours in Christmas holiday.

Sapa Tours are great ways,not only to hide away from the noise and heat of big city, but also to have reallife experience of local ethnics' lifestyle and cultures.You will trek in a day or few days down to Muong Hoa Valleys (Sapa Trekking Tours) to visit local ethnic hamlets with much interesting discovery, nicely to have homestay in their houses (Sapa Homestay Tours) to enjoy their friendliness & authentic local foods; and more interestingly to take part in their colourful weekly markets ( Sapa Market Tours) to see their trade of local products, their happiness to meet friends or to try some special dishes which are unique to this region.

Take a walk on the snow-covered streets in the early morning, wading into the misty alleys in the late afternoon, then sit together to enjoy a warm dinner will be enjoyable experiences for couples to Sapa at Christmas.

The streets of Sapa on the days before Christmas also became very interesting. In addition to giant Christmas trees, reindeer, snowmobiles, there are also snowmen, Santa Claus, and funny animals in the streets, all of them are popular with locals and visitors. Travel embarked from the real snow.

Christmas vacation to Vietnam considered as a very high season time for traveling inside the country, the suggestions for a worry-free holiday will be to plan and finalize your preferences well in a head of time as in such you will have a wider options from luxury resorts, hotels and services to choose from, in the other hand, you can travel longer with the better value with your chosen Vietnam packages tours.

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