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One of the most important reasons due to which you will fall in love with Vietnam is the country's scenery, it is forever and always changing. From one region to the next each has its own natural beauty to offer, each unique and each different from the region before. Vietnam is a long country with the culture and food scale up or down the country despite the geography not changing drastically. Even the famous Pho varies from Hanoi (North) to Hoi An (Center) to Saigon (South).

Another great thing about Vietnam is its people. Kind, helpful, supportive. Here in the county you won’t find people walking past you with their heads down stuck in their phones. You won’t find people walking past you with their headphones plugged into their ears. People will notice you, they will smile at you, wave at you and acknowledge you.

We couldn't not mention the local food as another reason you will immediately love this country. Wherever you go, food is always the best indicator of a place. You love food - you love the country. Vietnamese food is incredibly healthy. For instance, bunch of herbs is constantly served along with the main meal. There is a lot of flavor in every bite. In other words, gastronomic indulgence is guaranteed in Vietnam.

In the early morning hours go to a local park nearby and you’ll find groups of Vietnamese men and women exercising under the sun. Large groups of people, young and old, gather around an instructor and follow aerobics routines with music blaring in the background. A few feet away, another group will be practicing ballroom dancing, flanked by some guys playing basketball. Meanwhile, walkers and runners will be circling the periphery of the park. It is a wonderful sight to behold and scene in which to participate if you are up to it.

If you are a coffee lover, then you should know that as the second biggest producer of coffee in the world, Vietnam knows a thing or two about coffee. In Vietnam coffee pretty much always comes with sweetened condensed milk (the best thing ever). Don't you want to taste it?

Another very special thing is that Vietnam is a country with rich culture, followed by many celebrations. In addition to the big festivals such as Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas in Vietnam, countless other festivals are held year round. Attending the festival, in addition to entertainment also understand the different cultures of each region, explore the unique local cuisine. very interesting!

Pack your bags , we'll be glad to welcome you in Vietnam.

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