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Halong Bay is famous for its 2000 or more small limestone islands emerging out of sheltered, emerald waters; apparently really stunning, ethereal scenery and a World Heritage site. It's one of the biggest tourist attractions in Vietnam so it's also very busy.

Unique experiences for the unique adventure

With the length 120 kilometers, Halong Bay has covered in the area of 1.553-kilometer square and 1969 island small and big altogether. So, how to try all these destinations is the main question that most visitors want to find the answer when coming to unbelievable tourism location.

To discover the breathtaking beauty of Halong Bay, taking a cruise though Halong Bay is the best way to see the picturesque beauty of the world heritage site. admire the views of thousands and thousands of floating islands, visit tahwm the unique limestone caves

One of the most exciting activities when traveling to Halong Bay is kayaking. With this amazing way, you will be visited the whole Halong Bay scene with visit secret caves, paddle through islets; unspoiled beaches, lagoons and floating fishing villages… The visitor usually chooses this model to discover because Kayaking can bring many things, go far and go wherever that big boats cannot.

As evening entertainment, night squid fishing is one of the best things to do in Halong. Night squid fishing is the most interesting activity and wonderful pleasure of the night journey on Halong Bay. It is the best highlight of any Halong bay cruise trip. Tourists are provided with a bamboo rod with a piece of fishing line tied to it with a huge lure and no bait. Tourists must be excited to clearly see light-drunken shoals of squids lazily hovering around; and, step by step each squid is enticed and picked up, remaining totally fresh and striving convulsively. The start of the squid season is around April and tends to finish around January. Early on, the squid are often smaller, but as the season goes on and they eat more and more, their size increases. The season peaks from August to December, and although the biggest ones are often encountered in October and November, you can still come across a hefty specimen at any time. So if you want to catch the biggest squids, let's travel to Halong Bay in December.

An early morning Tai Chi session on the ship’s sundeck is the perfect way to start your day in Halong Bay. A Taichi in the early morning will help you charging energy for a new day. Enjoy sunrise on the sea with breakfast in a beautiful restaurant: Halong Bay. 

Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating country to experience. Vietnam is a beautiful and fascinating country to experience. It's an amazing destination that everyone should experience.

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