Top destinations to enjoy buckwheat blooming in Vietnam

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Every October, the question: “When do Buckwheat Flowers bloom?” is spread in the young. Journeys to Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang – 3 destinations known as lands of Buckwheat Flower are becoming the most searched places in forums and social networking sites.
Buckwheat Flower is a grain-like plant. Local people usually sow Buckwheat seeds in the valley. People in Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lao Cai plant them to relieve hunger when the new rice season is yet to come.

The body of buckwheat plants can be eaten by cattles. The seeds can be milled into flour or cooked with corn to create a kind of wine with very special flavor. The name “buckwheat flower” is springs from its shape. Its petals form a pyramid with three triangular faces surrounding a seed in the centre.

Typically, buckwheat flowers are the most beautiful from late October to November, depending on the cultivating time. The flowers bloom within a month. The buckwheat flower is small and has pink-white colors at the beginning of blooming and then turning into light purple, and finally dark red. Especially, Buckwheat flowers in Cao Bang are mostly white.

1. The northern mountainous province of Ha Giang

On the rocky plateau of Dong Van Highlands, Ha Giang province, when the Terraced Rice Fields have just been harvested, it's time for thousands mile of Tam Giac Mach flower to blossom out. Traveling to Ha Giang in the buckwheat flower season has become an event that many visitors waiting for.

Tam Giac Mach, or "Buckwheat", is considered the symbol of Ha Giang and the Dong Van Highlands. In the area which is known as the end of this country, even people who live here do not know when this kind of flower was first seen. They just know that this is a food crop, used to cook out the fragrant wine jars, the greasy pie that their ancestors leave for them. Its flowers are in the color of pink and white, then switch to the little purple, petal bunches up into a cone shape with three sides, leaving in the middle a precious seed.

2. The northern province of Cao Bang

This is different from Ha Giang, which is the main season of the Buckwheat flower in the middle of March and April, when flowers bloom a lot, while in October, 11, there are very few. And the Buckwheat flower in Cao Bang are mostly white flowers.

The days of the weather change, when the sunlight begins to gently than ever, under the warm weather, is free souls drifting on the flower field of the buckwheat flower bloom is peaceful.

3. The northern province of Lao Cai

In Lao Cai, where there are many buckwheat flowers in the two districts of Bac Ha and Simacai. Of which, in Bac Ha district, where there are many in the Pừ Chồ villages 2,3 and Dín Tủng, Lầu Thí ngài commune. In Simacai, where many buckwheat flower are planted, most of them are in Lử Thẩn Commune.

The land here is like wearing a new shirt every time the flower season about. These natural rugs have created miracles. Therefore, not only the lovers travel to see, enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also many poets, photographers, painters came to Lao Cai and the works named Buckwheat flowers born from the flowers like that.

It will be difficult to forget, passing through the flower fields, immersed in the space of a lovely land. Let's go!

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