Sticky rice - The energy needed for a day of discovery

Nga Do
Sticky rice is a special dish that anyone traveling to Ha Giang want to try. One ball of this rice ball can fill you up until noon, give you all the energy you need to stay active during your adventure.
Ha Giang is fascinating to visitors thanks to not only grandiose scenery with impressive mountains, unique customs and diverse festivals but also being the culinary paradise of cuisines made from natural ingredients. If you want to see all of the above, you have no choice but visiting Ha Giang to find yourself interesting and special experience.

People who live in Northern mountain area have an extremely diverse and unique cuisine. In particularly, five-color sticky rice which converges not only the traditional values but also the meaning concept of the universe, Ying and Yang philosophy and the lofty and beautiful meaning of human livelihood. 

Five-color steamed glutinous rice has five colors that are white, yellow, red, green, and violet. That colors combine to make up an attractive appearance for this dish. Five-color steamed glutinous rice is made from glutinous rice which planted by the locals.

The steamed glutinous rice is fragrant and clammy. It is used as a meal for ethnic people when they work on the fields in the mountains because the distance from home to working place is long and steamed glutinous help them get enough energy to work all day.

Five-color steamed glutinous rice has made up the northern mountain area’s character. With eye-catching appearance and specific taste, it becomes an important dish in the ethnic people’s festival or community active. 

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