Moc Chau Plateau - Season of Forest Flower

Nga Do
Located 200 km to the west Hanoi, Moc Chau is an ideal destination for short trips. The plateau is now covered with pure white apricot and plum flowers. Moc Chau Plateau is in Moc Chau District, Son La Province. Located 1,050m above sea level, Moc Chau is a steppe with green tea hills, the widest and the most beautiful grass fields in the North’s mountainous areas.

We can say that the atmosphere at the Moc Chau is one of the rare gift and most valuable lands. Plateau area cool in summer, chilly autumn se, freezing cold in winter and warm spring was no longer a stranger to the name of the street you when flowers of the season. Whether it is winter or spring, the most beautiful season in Moc Chau, tourists will have chances to contemplate the breathtaking scenery of blooming flowers. Areas around Sao Xanh hotel (Moc Chau Town), the pine forest in Ang Village (Dong Sang Commune), Dai Yem Waterfall (Muong Sang Commune), and Pa Phach Village (Dong Sang Commune) are some of the most beautiful spots.

The plateau offers visitors chance to immerse in the immense fields of yellow and white rape flowers at the beginning of winter. Backpackers traveling themselves can freely discover the glorious curved roads with sides decorated by rape and cane flowers.

In the spring, the whole land is lightened with birrilant pink blossoms as if it was the isolated fairly land. Come to visit Moc Chau, tourists not only have chance to catch the spectacular scenery but enjoy local delicacies, especially fruits like plums and peaches every Mays.

Together with majestic moutains and colored flowers, the place also catches eyes with hills covered by silky green of tea treas since it is on of the largest tea bucket of Vietnam with the fresh scumptious tea buds. Coming to Moc Chau, you will visit green tea fields which look like endless silk carpets. Tiny houses under the forest canopy are the centre of H’mong and Dao Peoples’ cultures. You will wander around, enjoy the beauty of Moc Chau, pose for photos on the vast prairie as well as learn about tea harvesting, tea making process, taste and buy local tea specialties.

Pine forest in Ang Village is regarded as the second Dalat in Vietnam. Visitor can’t help admiring the beauty of the 5 hectare lake at the edge of the 43 hectare pine forest. Looking at little houses in the mist, you will feel the peace of the plateau. Those who have visited Moc Chau never forget the magnificent Dai Yem Waterfall and the tragic beautiful love story of the girl rescuing the man from the flood. The waterfall is as beautiful as a 18 year old girl: The top of the fall is covered with a great deal of water, the water falls down heavily creating white bubbles, small streams flow through the green flora and natural stone stairs, green bushes surround the water flow. Therefore, the waterfall was called “Dai Yem” (literally meaning “the pink blouse of the girl”)

If you are trying to find a destination for your vacation in Vietnam, Moc Chau might be considerable for you. Let come and feel the place!

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