Hang Ma Street Bustle, Sparkling Lights To Welcome The Mid-Autumn

Nga Do
Tet Trung Thu, mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam, combines many rituals, customs and legends. It also goes by the names of mid-Autumn Moon Festival or Children’s Festival. The occasion is celebrated in many south east Asian nations. Some call it the Mooncake festival, in recognition of the popularity of mooncakes sold at this time; in Singapore and Malaysia it is known as the Lantern festival while China recognizes it as the reunion festival, conjuring up images of centuries past when Chinese women would visit their parents before going to celebrate with their husband’s families.

Every year, as the Mid-Autumn festival on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month comes around, Hang Ma street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter becomes filled with the sounds, lights and colours of lanterns, masks, flags and balloons. It becomes even more crowded at night when parents bring their children to join the festive atmosphere and behold the Moon.

Hang Ma street, a busy colorful street that sell lanterns, masks and toys as balloon toys to fascninate children. Colourful lanterns everywhere in the street and shops selling lion heads worn for the lion dance, a traditional dance of the Mid-Autumn festival. Children disguise themselves with fancy masks, young people in Hanoi gather to enjoy the festival

If you’re planning to visit Vietnam this year, don’t forget about this lovely traditional Mid-Autumn festival.

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