Fall In Love With Halong Bay

Nga Do
Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year and Halong Bay is also one of the romantic destinations of Vietnam. That’s a great combination which is not only for lovers but also for those who want to find inner peace.

In the cool of autumn, tourists have a great chance to witness the different beauty of the world heritage site, Ha Long Bay. Instead of clear blue skies and glistening emerald water, the face of the bay is overwhelmed by gray. Visitors used to the imposing beauty during summer are presented with a more romantic and charming vista through the cooler days and evenings of autumn.

Halong Bay means “The Bay of the Descending Dragon”. Local legend tells of a time early in Vietnam’s development when it was trying to fight off invaders. The gods sent a family of dragons to protect the local people. The dragons spat out jade and other jewels which turned into the islands. The islands attacked the invaders sinking their ships. The dragons decided to live in the bay and descended into the waters.

A special experience is very rare in the travel of Ha Long Bay, which is watching the wonders of limestone in the morning mist. The majestic limestone mountains hidden in the mist bring you a different feeling, different from the Ha Long Bay in the daytime, or different with a vast Ha Long Bay in the dark. There is a faint Ha Long Bay in the mist, confident, welcome daw.

It is such a fanciful and unforgettable scenery for those who enjoy a boat trip around the world heritage site of Halong Bay off the northern coast province of Quang Ninh during autumn days under the mist.

Different shapes of stone islands and caves loom in the thin veil of mist accompanied with the sea breeze, which might give people a feeling of getting lost in heaven. Tourists in that moment can understand the value of a natural heritage that was acknowledged by Unesco in 1994 and 2000.

This really is one of the most scenically stunning places on earth. Everyone will have their own reasons for visiting Halong Bay, here are just some of the best ones. But perhaps, your trip would be more meaningful if you use combo Halong Sapa tour package, a perfect combination. "Sapa & Sea" will definitely bring a lot of interesting surprises.

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