Enjoy wild daisy flowers in Ha Giang – a new experience to Northeast Vietnam Travel

Nga Do
If the autumn of Hanoi is peaceful, the one of Dalat is famous for mimosa or mexican sunflower, the feature of the autumn of Ha Giang is wild daisy. Visiting Ha Giang during your package holidays to Vietnam will definitely bring you an unforgettable memory.

Yes the ideal time to discover the wild beauty of this region is on October and November yearly in Ha Giang. It is the wonderful road when you travel along the road with ripping rice terrace fields. The fields are the art picture that hill tribe people made and the symbol of local people in North Vietnam. Wild Daisy Flower is the unique one of Northeast Vietnam which you can have chance to see it once of year. You will see by your eyes the wild flowers’ fields are blooming unlimited among the mountains. 

Not like the sadness of Hanoi in autumn, the autumn of Ha Giang makes people feel free, and wild, romatic but not sad. It is full of vitality of a rocky plateau.

Travelling has been recently developing in Ha Giang, more people consider buckwheat as a “feature” of Ha Giang. However, it is sure that buckwheat is not the only factor building the charm of Ha Giang. Wild Daisy arises on the both sides of ways, attracting people to the head land in the North of our country.

Wild daisy is also called orange daisy which rises among rocks. This kind of flower is not valid in agriculture. The locals don’t plant it. However, it still arises and broaden its area.

If you come to Ha Giang in the end of autumn, you can easily meet daisies in full bloom on the way from Pho Cao, Pho Bang to Dong Van district, on the way to Meo Vac, Son Vi, Khau Vai, or under Ma Pi Leng pass. It is on mountain sides, on rocks, in buckwheat’s field. People love it because of its vitality and beauty. It is orange, not too colourful but impressive, as a challenge to harsh nature.

It is also seen as a honorable man, which only gradually fades, not flutters. Daisy is the symbol of the union of people here. No matter how hard the life is, they will not yield.

If the autumn of Hanoi is sad, the one of Dalat is famous for mimosa or mexican sunflower, the feature of the autumn of Ha Giang is daisy. Wandering in Ha Giang on a day of autumn, watching wild daisy blooming on mountain sides, or on the harsh ways, you will love this land more.

Bye rocky plateau of final days of autumn, let me pack some “orange” in my heart and miss Ha Giang as well as Vietnam tour packages with all my love.

It is fantastic to see organe wild daisy flowers on hill slides, rice fields, along the roads or beside old houses; you are as the lost people among the wild daisy flowers’ fields. The beautiful of green leaves, mountain together with the light orange of flowers which make an amazing landscape as you walk to a dream. It is as your dream as you see on TV for these sights at Europe. Just come here and see it you can have the real surprise and feeling of this beauty. Moreover you will be amazing for the wild and peaceful beauty of Vietnam.

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