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Nga Do
Moc Chau is a highland district of Son La province located in Northwestern mountains. It is far from Hanoi about 200km. Being 1050m higher than sea level, Moc Chau is considered as the biggest plateau of Vietnam. Moc Chau has been more famous for ravishing beauty of flowers’ bloom seasons. Located about 200km to the west of Ha Noi, at an altitude of over 1,000m, Moc Chau Plateau in MocChau District, Son La Province is an ideal destination in the journey of exploring the Northwest region thanks to its cool and fresh atmosphere, endless green tea hills, gardens of plum and apricot trees and various flowers.

1. Charming Tea Farms in Moc Chau

Being one of the upland areas of Son La Province, Moc Chau has been selected to become tea farms which brings back the certain outcome for the province. Nowadays, farmers smartly realize its further potentials from their plantations; it’s exactly the fabulous scenery which can fascinate lots of both domestic and foreign travellers especially each time cherry and buckwheat flowers blossom.

When visited this place and recognized that the things make this place become special is in addition to the beauty of nature, the local people here.

Yes, the tea plantation is nice but it is not different from other place. however you will impressed by the ethnic people here. they are very friendly and provide the services by their heart. this is what people should do in the tourism industry nowaday. you can rent some costumes from them with very good price without any bargain. they even help you to change uniform and do not get any deposit for the clothes. they trusted tourists. this is the beauty which make this place become more beautiful.

2. Dai Yem Waterfall

The waterfall of Dai Yem (Pink Blouse), also known as Nang or Ban Vat, is located in Muong Sang Commune in Moc Chau District in Son La Province. Dai Yem waterfall is a historical landscape, which is closely related to the history of Thai people in Muon Sang land a long time ago. The name Dai Yem is derived from a story about the brassiere of the girl who saved a boy from the flood. The waterfall includes two levels of falls with the second located 150 meters at an angle below the first one. Above the second waterfall is a floral stretch of land from where visitors can view the surrounding mountainous view. The Dai Yem Waterfall looks most stunning during the rainy season from April to September every year, when the 70-meter-wide fall gushes down its slope, looking a dazzling white and imposingly dramatic and poetic.

3. Pine Forest at Ang Village

Ang Village is one of the places to visit in Moc Chau, for sure. The reason is, there is the beautiful scenery formed from a unique pine forest and two imposing lakes. Not only do you admire the excellent and romantic landscape from the nature, but also enjoy fresh and cool weather when coming to this spot. The helpful advice is that you’d better experience homestay in a traditional stilt house instead of four or five star hotels to dip yourself into the real nature.

4. Pha Luong Peak

It’s believed that Pha Luong Peak is something extremely special and meaningful when it comes to Moc Chau; interestingly, conquering this summit can help you come up with all confidence in yourself. Are you wondering if it’s true? The answer is absolutely yes as you must make your hard effort to do that. Reaching the Pha Luong Peak requires you to go on a long hike through a dense forest with many severe slopes. Unlike other peaks of Vietnam, it just challenges you to the slopes without any valleys where you can recover your energy. It’s a big challenge, right? However, after the effort, your deserving reward is that the nature beauty from a certain height is around you; you will freely get a sense of how wonderful and ravishing the combination of green trees, limestone, blue sky, mountains, slopes, and valleys.

Hopefully you will have a unique journey in Moc Chau with the help from this article. Be quick to know about your expected destinations to avoid missing the time when Moc Chau appears in the most beautiful way. Wish you have fun trips in Vietnam!

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