Ta Xua Clouds Paradise Viet Nam

Nga Do
You are a lover of moving, exploring and photographing. You have explored many parts of the country and are now "home" in Ta Xua, one of the "paradise" clouds in Vietnam. 

At the height of 2865 meters, the peak mountain of Ta Xua is the tenth highest mountain top in Vietnam. Ta Xua’s three main mountain tops create a line which appears like the rough back of a dinosaur. Ta Xua is a mountain range located in Bac Yen District of Son La Province, lying in northern Vietnam and just about 240 km from Hanoi. This mountain range naturally forms a border between the two provinces Son La and Yen Bai.

The way to Ta Xua is quite difficult to go, but you will be satisfied by the beautiful landscape in here. In the season of cotton mop, the hillside is covered by the white cotton mops which are shine bright in the sun. Ta Xua has 3 main peaks, forming a natural wonder extremely majestic, with spine shaped like dinosaur prehistoric giant, winding knob, thorny and rugged. To climb Ta Xua have two paths: one path starting from Tram Tau (Yen Bai), the second path departure from Bac Yen (Son La).

Why must go to Taxua?

If you are the one to have rich imagination, Ta xua undoubtedly, takes you back to the prehistoric reptiles of the world, the reptiles era, of which, dinosaurs the king of all species on earth bring your imaginable thinking back to the dinosaurs war. The other could visualize the giant monster with its spine shaped like prehistoric giant dinosaur, winding knob, thorny and rugged.

Ta Xua with the natural scenery is not charming, no clouds, have the mountains, and has many trees have flowers is also an excellently romantic scenery for any one loving nature.

When you are lucky enough, after passing many difficult roads along the way, you will be believing that you are standing right in the paradise of a superior phenomenon shadowy clouds around the mountains.

The clouds hunting

Before sharing the clouds hunting in Ta Xua, Son La, Vietnam. I want to talk about experience to hunt the cloud to be most effective. So, what is the cloud that we want to hunt? Where do you usually appear? How to get the most beautiful and effective cloud? ...

1. Clouds that we want to hunt in the simplest and most common way is the accumulation of water under pressure and certain temperatures will form clouds. Usually at low temperatures below 22 degrees Celsius and not below 3 degrees Celsius. If it is too low, it will form ice if the ground is still forming snow if it falls from the sky. Not mentioned here)

2. In Vietnam, it is a sub-tropical climate, in winter, especially in the northern mountainous areas and areas with relatively low temperature such as Da Lat and Highland with high humidity. With mountainous surrounding valleys, rivers, streams and dense woods will be a place of condensation of water vapor, experiencing low temperatures during the night and autumn and winter will form dense fog. .

If we are in this area, it is the traditional way of fog. If we go up a certain height above this layer of fog, the fog we just crossed it is Cloud. That is the cloud that I want to hunt. In Vietnam, the mountains and forests in the north have dense jungle mountains, rivers and streams (that is, water sources for evaporation to form fog) and valleys in high mountain ranges will be the place. Ideal to hunt for clouds.

It can be mentioned but famous places like Da Lat in Tay Nguyen, Sin Ho, Ka Lang, Moc Chau, Ta Xua, Dien Bien, Sa Pa, O Quy Ho Pass, Khau Phau Pass etc. Phu Ta Leng, Ta Xua, Fan, Salt Mountain, White Tiger Woods ... etc ... but many people in the world have been admired and hunted successful.

Coming to Ta Xua, In addition to hunting rattan, there are many attractive destinations for you to explore as Hang Dong, Eo Gio, on the way to Xim Vang, 3 km from the center of Ta Xua, is one of the places where we can see the clouds. Because it is not far away from Hanoi, many people spend 2 days to travel here. You can go to Ta Xua then move to explore Moc Chau before coming back to Hanoi.

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