Splendid Sapa at Night

Nga Do
In autumn, tourists come to the mountainous district of Sapa in the Northern province of Lao Cai in addition to get enthralled by the charming beauty of rice terraces, visitors also enjoy beautiful natural landscapes, and the atmosphere of peace and tranquility and simple life of indigenous people.

Yes! Sapa is like a splendid paradise in the North West with year-round mist covered in clouds surrounding each roof and mountain;  Wrap the tangerine in the footsteps of visitors here. Sapa is very beautiful, very romantic and peaceful.

Sapa sparkling fanciful night

Life, scenery and people here always bring visitors curiosity, the desire to discover and experience the fun in this mysterious land.

The uniqueness of Sapa at night

Sapa at night is also attractive on the streets along the town - where many specialty foods are sold only here. Arrive in Sapa in a cold, evening with some friends wandering the town, looking for something to warm your stomach, that feeling great! Sapa is famous for its grilled.

Grilled Sapa opens late into the night, visitors often find grilled in the evening because this is the time when the restaurant is very crowded. The air is cold, a little mist on the street and enjoy the grilled brings a great feeling.

At night, as if everything will sink into sleep but Sapa is still very busy. People still see women selling items such as brocade, foods such as rice rice, fruit specialties of the mountains and forests of the northwest wind on the street. They are trying to sell their goods to go home. But no matter how tired, late night, cloudy, these people are still smiling cheerfully. They are lovely, precious.

Sapa at night is an ideal place for young couples to visit, for couples who are on honeymoon at Sapa. The cold Sapa in the night that hand held hands, shoulder shoulders together in the middle of the street will be unforgettable in the memories of each other's love.

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