Pho Cao - Attractive Buckwheat Flower Season

Nga Do
Ha Giang - a great destination for tourism with the beauty of the landscape. However, there is a few people known that this stone plateau is an interesting destination with its poetic and stirring “buckwheat flower paradise”. In blooming season, the landscape is completely replaced by the covering of the endless pink flowery fields, especially in Pho Cao. Putting yourself into this immense space to feel the rough natural beauty and the peace of our country.

Pho Cao is a commune of Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province. It has a total population of 5,000, mostly the Mong ethnic people. One of the most distinctive features of the area is the Trinh tuong houses which are surrounded by stone fences and this place has carpets of buckwheat flower brilliant and near the cliff.

Buckwheat flower is characterized by this place. Rolling along the mountains is the circuit triangular flower fields, which forms a soft and charming flower carpet. Buckwheat Flower is a grain-like plant. Local people usually sow Buckwheat seeds in the valley. People in Ha Giang plant them to relieve hunger when the new rice season is yet to come.

The body of buckwheat plants can be eaten by cattles. The seeds can be milled into flour or cooked with corn to create a kind of wine with very special flavor. The name “buckwheat flower” is springs from its shape. Its petals form a pyramid with three triangular faces surrounding a seed in the centre.

Typically, buckwheat flowers are the most beautiful from late October to November, depending on the cultivating time. The flowers bloom within a month. The buckwheat flower is small and has pink-white colors at the beginning of blooming and then turning into light purple, and finally dark red.

Phố Cáo is the first place with buckwheat flowers when you head to Dong Van. The blooming of buckwheat flower together with wild flowers and plants of the Pho Cao creates a colorful scene. You will be completely dumbfounded by the natural beauty and want to indulge yourself in it and experience the vitality of nature.

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