Discover The Mysterious Ancient Monastery On Top Of Sapa

Nga Do
Ta Phin village has long been considered as one of the most attractive destinations in Sapa thanks to its stunning natural scenery as well as the very unique cultural features of the Red Dao ethnic group, especially here also contains a monastery with ancient beauty, unique. Taking an ethnic tour to Sapa, visiting this cultural destination and you will have unforgettable experiences hard to found anywhere. 

​In place of high mountains, fog enveloped all the year, photographs of ancient monastery hidden in the white mist of Sapa, with crumbling woods make people easily to relate to the fairy tale immemorial. Though long abandoned, ancient lines and contemplative spaces are numerous attractions, attract tourists to visit and take pictures

Around 15 kilometers from the town, the project that has never been completed is covered by trees and mosses. There are several Dao and Mong villages nearby. Construction of the monastery began in 1942, after 12 nuns of a church from Japan arrived and were granted the land plot here. Here, 12 nuns had positive contributions to research and disseminate cultivation of temperate food crops which were suitable for the climate and soil in Sapa as black rice, buckwheat, contemporary circuit, vegetables, sweet potatoes and fresh fruits like grapes, apples, peaches ... In 1945, due to the war situation, the delegation left Sapa to Hanoi, therefore monastery was abandoned until this day.

Built by laterite so the walls, pillars, columns still retains the solidly and surely until this day. The structure of the monastery consists of a horizontal house to the west side, 5 compartments and a staircase, consists of 3 floors, including a basement underground. This horizontal house is for accommodation and daily living activities of the nuns. In addition, the right of the building also has an vertical house connecting with horizontal house, this could be a place to store food, furniture, and was the monastery’s kitchen. The entire building now is no longer part of the roof, only remnants of the ancient mossy walls. In front of the building is a fairly wide, long corridor but no longer intact.

Monastery has many doors, each door has different shapes: arched, rectangle. Time passed by, the monastery has no longer roof so you can see through the blue sky. Moss on the walls for years, sometimes the green sprouts rise when spring comes. Monastery’s Gate was built of stone with porch style of French architecture.

Coming to Ta Phin, first feel for each person is the superficial world and the unique architecture that time can not be blotted out. These ancient paths, taciturn, moss. Every wall, brick ... are imprints of time. This is the highlight attractions for tourists to stop taking pictures, learn the origin of the ancient architecture of the West was built on this highland. Ta Phin village with its special things that hard to find in any other places is one of the should-not-be-missed destinations in Sapa, Vietnam

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