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Sapa is no doubt the most popular destinations in Northern Vietnam. With new tourist facilities, this hill station is receiving more visitors both domestic and foreigners. But is this really not possible to find a place for you to relax and indulge in the tranquil scenery of this beautiful hill station? I'll give you two places of my choice after my recent visit to Sapa.

Gem Valley: Café and art gallery

Gem Valley is a cafe combined with an art gallery. It's a small residence of a Hanoian artist couple who have been living in Sapa for 10 years. You'll find this beautiful place with a gentle 3km walk from Sapa center downhill toward Cat Cat village, just about 50m pass the Vietnam-Japan hill.

The first impression of the Gem Valley is a fascinating view of lush rice fields and majestic mountains. I was happened here on a sunny afternoon with deep blue sky, the place offers a view to die for: the narrow rice terrace field, the forest, black simple wooden houses and the Fansipan mountain from distance. I sat hours there just to enjoy the view, listen to the nature sound, feel the cool climate and drink a wonderful local herbal cinnamon tea. I did not bring a book with me but one could imagine that this is among the best place to read your favorite travel book.

The Hill Station

The Hill Station is a beautiful cafe located on Muong Hoa Road leading to Lao Chai – Ta Van. The restaurant is not large but it offers a warm and cozy feeling for visitors. Especially vintage space should have a lot of beautiful corners to live virtual. The Hill Station has two floors which are décor style on stilts with a very airy view. 

Furthermore, the coffee shop has impressive design inside and out. If the outside space is very close to the wall with slag brick or stairs stone, the inside of this cafe more and more score with rustic furniture, beautiful and peace little corner. Moreover, the weather of Sapa is cold, so it is the wonderful moment if you find the beautiful corner and enjoy a cup of tea. In addition, the food and beverage menu is varied and concentrates on European cuisine such as cafes, cocktails, crepes, cold cuts. In addition, here also sells spicy, Highland products such as silver earrings, honey jars are beautifully decorated and eye sucking. Therefore, the coffee shop is quite suitable for anyone who wants to check-in.

The Haven Sapa Camp Site

The Haven Sapa Camp Site is not a cafe but it is a hostel that combines a campsite. However, there is still a cafe for those who want to find beautiful sights in Sapa. Located on Vong Canh Hill, from The Haven Sapa Camp Site you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sapa with a beautiful view from any corner. The coffee shop located on the way to Cat Cat village and far 1,5km from Sapa town. The plus point here is the spacious outdoor area on all four sides for you to enjoy the scenery. Behind the Haven is the town of Sapa, at the foot of the Cat Cat, with majestic Hoang Lien Son range in front. When visiting the coffee shop, you will have a chance to soak up the whole beauty of Sapa. Especially, with its high terrain, you are so easy to see the cloud cover blurring, making you think you are lost in paradise. With quiet space, fresh air, this place is ideal for you and your family or group to come to relax after stressful working days.

Fansipan Terrace

Fansipan Terrace has windy space and a great view making it the best cafe in Sapa. It is on Fansipan Street, 700 meters from the church and quite easy to spot out. At Fansipan Terrace, tables and chairs are arranged quite simple. The handrail features with a line of flowers in potteries. All of these things will make you feel peaceful and airy. Actually, Fansipan Terrace is not just a Sapa cafe, it is also a nice homestay with full facility attracting lots of tourists every year.

La Dao Spa Ta Van

La Dao is not really a cafe, in fact, it is a homestay with 4 bungalow cum spa. Unlike the cafes in the list, Le Dao is located in Ta Van village, so of course to come here will be quite far away. But also by far, the restaurant owns a beautiful view with large space, quiet, close to nature. With a very wide, unshielded space in Le Dao, almost anywhere, just look at the view that you are watching the terraced fields are intermingled with the mountains and the clouds and ignorant love anymore. Besides space, this restaurant has enough menu of drinks and food. The menu of the restaurant is not quite diversified, but there are enough coffee, tea, fruit juice with the average price of 30-50 thousand VND / cup, quite reasonable for such a beautiful space. Recently, Ta Van is a favorite destination for many travelers when traveling to Sapa to seek traditional space with local people. Furthermore, in this journey of discovery, Le Dao Spa Ta Van is the ideal stop after long mountain trekking.

Besides wonderful coffee shops, tourists can enjoy a lot of amazing destinations in Sapa with interesting activities. You can read more information through our website:

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