Cha Ca La Vong - Delicious Food For Cold Days

Nga Do
Vietnam may not immediately suggest itself to you when you think about a heaven of food in the world. However, in Vietnam, there is a dish that Patricia Schultz included in her book “ 1000 places to see before you die”-  NEW YORK TIMES bestseller in 2003. It is “Cha ca La Vong”

If you have not heard about “1000 places to see before you die” book, you may not the only one. It is the most favored book for people who have strong passion of travelling and eagering to learn more. Before the book was ranked 1 New York Times, it had a high opinion of public. Many wonderful places in the world were written in this book with deep comments in many aspects. It can be said to give reader a new way of thinking about a life list of great experiences.

Patricia Schultz can not hide her excitement of Cha ca La Vong as one of the most unforgettable memories in lifetime. She said what amazed her is its one and only one dish of grilled fish which no where in the world she has ever come across in a dish. Maybe that is the reason why Cha ca La Vong- a dish seems to be very simple and popular in a humble-extent country like Vietnam can fly across the world for.

Cha Ca La Vong has long been a famous food brand of Hanoi. This dish is not only appreciated for its delicious taste, but also its own culture, the sophistication and skillful of Hanoians. Cha Ca La Vong fry is a specialty that is very familiar to customers, gradually this dish has become an attractive destination for gastronomic enthusiasts. Therefore, Cha Ca La Vong is always a dish to be enjoyed by visitors when they arrive in Hanoi.

Cha Ca La Vong is the name of a speciality in Hanoi, it was created long time ago by Đoàn family. It is often the first food when tourists visit the capital...

Been cooked by a special recipe, Cha Ca La Vong has impressed many tourists who once try it. It should be eaten when it is still hot, and it is more delicious when mixed with shrimp paste. 

Cha Ca La Vong is not only required to be cooked meticulously, but also when people taste it. Not everyone knows how to eat this food. It should be cooked with onion, dills; when everything is well-done, we put them into a dish and eat with noodles, odiferous greens, peanuts, and shrimp paste. You will feel the taste of shrimp paste mixed with the sweetness of fish and the grease of peanuts, all will create the deliciousness of Cha Ca La Vong that cannot be described by words.

Visit a Cha Ca restaurant in the Old Quarter, where you will enjoy pan-fried chunks of meaty fish at table along with a mixture of vegetables and herbs like fennel, turmeric and dill. The real fun was assembling the bowls with fish, vegetables, herbs, rice noodles, shrimp paste, fish sauce and red chili peppers. What a perfect introduction to the Hanoi food scene!

Visit Hanoi in addition to attractive destinations, cultural diversity, you can also enjoy the great food that is only in Hanoi.

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