A Charming Little Corner of Hanoi Fall

Nga Do
Com of Vong village is perhaps the most special snack in Hanoi cuisine. Dishes from “com” are always loved by Vietnamese and foreign diners and contribute to diversifying Vietnamese cuisine.

Vong village, on the outskirts of Hanoi, is said to produce the best green sticky rice in northern Vietnam. The autumn of Hanoi is also the season of “cốm”, which is regarded as the symbol of the capital. “Cốm” is the best in amidst of the autumn when the grains seem agglomerate the quintessence of both heaven and earth to make the typical sweet and fresh fragrance. Any tourists come to Vietnam in the autumn should try a chance to taste this traditional food as a typical handmade flavor of this country.

To Hanoians, “cốm” becomes a conductive to reminiscence and elegant present. “Cốm” is green, soft and fragrant. It is usually packed in lotus leaves, tied with a straw stem or a bamboo strip. They are loaded onto bamboo frames of the ladies and travel to every alley in the capital. “Cốm” is often eaten by hand, directly from the lotus leaves, a pinch at a time. When eating this green sticky rice, you must enjoy slowly and chew it very deliberately so as to appreciate all the scents, tastes and plasticity of the young rice which is really sweet, nutty and buttery.

For a long time, “Cốm” has become a favorite dish that is indispensable to Hanoiian. Accompany with the two rice crops, “Cốm” is almost available through the year. However, it is the autumn which is perhaps the most suitable time to enjoy “Cốm”.

“Cốm”, or green rice, is not dyed green, as can be done with pandan, but is immature rice kernels roasted over very low heat then pounded in a mortar and pestle until flattened. At the end, “Cốm” is wrapped in two layers of leaf, one that is inside is used to keep “Cốm” from dry and save the green color of “cốm” and the outside layer made form lotus leaf is to give the products a soothing odor.

Although “Cốm” is not a dish used to make the eater feel full and Hanoiians only enjoy this food as the snack with plain flavor, everyone is eagerly looking forward to the arrival of season of “Cốm”. Hence, whenever the fall comes, the special flavor of “Cốm” has contributed to give Hanoi a sweeter and more graceful beauty.

Autumn Vietnam, , in addition to watching the beauty of the terraced fields in the Northwest, there are special dishes to attract tourists. Coming to Vietnam in the fall, you do not miss the masterpieces of nature and the attractive dishes are made from skillful western tables of Vietnamese women.

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