Things You Need To know About Your Vietnam Visa Extension

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For foreign visitors who want to prolong their stay in Vietnam, visa extension service is available from visa on arrival (VOA) or travel agents. VOA agents are more preferable for this much difficult work because the government focused less at customers’ interest and often directed you to apply for new visa. With Vietnam Visa Easy, you will save a lot of your money and effort and get your passport returned with visa extended in fastest time possible.

Things You Need To know About Your Vietnam Visa Extension
Requirements for Visa Extension

- Your passport must remain 6 month validity and two empty pages left for extension.
- If you want to apply for visa extension, make sure your visa is still valid for no less than seven days which means your visa mustn’t be expired before you have it extended.
- If your visa is expired, you have to apply for visa extension at Immigration Office.

Procedure for Vietnam Visa Extension

1. Check visa status

Visa extension is not available for every nationality, only a limited group of countries is eligible for this option. This is the reason why we have to check your visa status first. No need to scan your visa, provide us the information below:

- Your nationality
- Your type of visa: 1 month single/multiple, 3 months single/multiple
- The latest date of your entry
- The port of entry: airports or border crossings
- Duration of extension you want to ask for

Usually, visa extension is a one-time thing, you can’t have second-time visa extension.

2. Collect your origin passport

The point of checking visa status is to know if your visa is extendable and the price of your visa extension. Once the service is confirmed by you, please let us know your address in Vietnam so our staff would come and pick-up your passport.

If you stay at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong, there is no problem in collecting this very much important document from our side. But if you are not staying in those three cities, you will have to use couriers to send your passport to our address.

3. Get your passport back and pay service fee

After seven days (excluding weekends) of processing your visa extension application, we will return the passport with new visa stamp to you. You then can pay the fee to our staffers. It’s also possible to have your visa extended in shorter time, of course with higher fee.

Cost of Visa Extension

It varies on each visa extension application. The fee very much depends on you nationality, port of your entry and the duration of extension you want. Because visa policy in Vietnam changes time to time, fee for visa extension also changed accordingly, and usually raised higher (because more work involved).

Important Notes: The longest duration of visa extension you can apply for is 3 months.

Hope to be able to provide useful information so that your trip to Vietnam beautiful is perfect.

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