Surprised !! Unique White Stone Pass in Vietnam

Nga Do
The majestic and colorful, unique White Stone Pass is a new attraction to attract visitors on the trip to beautiful Mai Chau valley. White Stone Pass, also known as Thung Khe Pass, is located on Highway 6 connecting Mai Chau and Tan Lac (Hoa Binh). Recently, this pass is a check-in point to attract the attention of many people.

If you visited many places in the North of Vietnam : Trang An, Ha Noi, Halong, Sapa… , you couldn’t miss Mai Chau in the mountainous region . There is a very famous pass in Mai Chau: Thung Khe pass.

Thung Khe pass is on Highway 6 to Hoa Binh province, Thung Khe pass is very spectacular however dangerous due to steep, frequent landslides and sharp curves. The pass is at an altitude of 1000 meters over sea level. 

On top of the pass there are several small shops that are on the side of the road for sale of sugarcane, rice,  wild vegetables … You can stop to enjoy boiled corns, boiled sugar cane, eat sticky rice bamboo with sesame  in wild nature. Most visitors to Mai Chau would stop here to take photos, have a panorama view of Mai Chau valley and enjoy nosh served by local ethnic Muong people.

Peak of Thung Khe Pass is a place where tourists can feel the cool air in Mai Chau. Besides, you can admire the entire valley at  the pass foot with the cool breeze. The valley is like the green carpet which is full of vitality. This is one of the most beautiful places in Hoa Binh.

In Thung Khe, you can enjoy four seasons a day: the spring on the morning, the summer at noon, the autumn in the afternoon and the winter at night. Passing Thung Khe in winter days, you will be chilled to the bone and feel the wet and opaque fog even during the day. When you cross the pass at night in the cold season , that is an unforgettable experience for any driver or traveler. The fog covered all the pass with cold, numbness, visibility is restricted to no more than 3m when the only light is just your own car or truck light, …  Look at Mai Chau Valley appearing at the foot of Thung Khe Pass in the far-sighted light as thousands of flames are smoldering.

If you come to Thung Khe, it’s really a memorable experience about Mai Chau. Thung Khe is simple but very attractive.

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