Ky Lan Mountain - A Green Pearl in The Heart of The Heritage

Nga Do
Aboard a boat to contemplate Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, prayers for peace at Bai Dinh Pagoda or a walk to enjoy nature in the Cuc Phuong National Park are among visitors’ choices when coming to the northern province of Ninh Binh. However, it is a pity if visitors miss Ky Lan (Unicorn) Mountain, which is regarded as a “green pearl” of Ninh Binh city.

Driving along Highway 1A to the center of Ninh Binh city, tourists could find it easy to catch in their eyes a mountain with special shape and surrounded by a large freshwater lake. It is Ky Lan Mountain, one of the city’s symbols. The mountain surrounded by trees and a large freshwater lake. 

The name of the mountain comes from the fact that the mountain has its top like a unicorn-like head looking north. This over 50m high mountain has a dented northern side like the unicorn’s jaw. The mountain is surrounded by undulating cliffs and abundant green trees, making everyone think of the unicorn’s mane and beard. Of the four famous mountains in Ninh Binh city, Ky Lan Mountain is more romantic than the three others, namely Ngoc My Nhan, Non Nuoc and Lo. Ky Lan Mountain is reflected in the lake. On its top stands Ky Lan Son Pagoda.

To get to Ky Lan Mountain, tourists have to go across a stone bridge over the lake. The bridge is two meters wide, four meters high and about 30 meters long. Its seven spans are linked to each other by big blocks of marble. Reaching the foot of Ky Lan Mountain, tourists are soon enclosed by fresh and cool air. It is the combination of freshwater lake, green trees and rare birds and animals that make Ky Lan Mountain an attractive natural beauty inside Ninh Binh city. 

Ky Lan Mountain has four caves, including the Toi (Dark) and Sang (Light) caves, which are 10 meters and 30 meters long respectively, running through the mountain in the north-south direction. Meanwhile, Ngang cave is 8 meters deep and Trung cave lies in the middle of the mountain and is 10 meters deep. Attentively, Trung cave can accommodate hundreds of people. On the mountain also engraves marks of saltwater intrusion and exposes sedimentary layers of animal bones and molluscous shells, which are all important  evidence to help identify the age and process of sea receding and encroachment.

Tourists are advised to sightsee Ninh Binh city from the Nghenh Phong Cac on the top of Ky Lan Mountain. From this mountain’s top, tourists also see Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Bai Dinh Pagoda and Hoa Lu ancient capital. 

With its beautiful space, fresh air and attractive caves, Ky Lan Mountain is ideal for any visitors to explore when they come to Ninh Binh city. In addition, Ninh Binh has many more points to explore, please schedule your next visit to Ninh Binh at:

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