Coto Island - Where The Surface is The Sea

Nga Do
Talking to Quang Ninh, people think of Ha Long Bay right away with thousands of rocky islands rising on the waves of sparkling water and beautiful caves. However, in addition to the tour Halong Bay by luxury cruise, there is another interesting tourist site Quang Ninh that you can experience it is Coto Island.

Co To is a pristine destination with all necessary elements of beautiful islands including white sands, blue sea, gorgeous sunshine. In recent years, Co To is becoming a hot tourist destination of young people who love traveling and exploring.

Co To is surrounded by vast sea. Thus, wherever you go on the island, it will lead you to the sea. Co To own many charming beaches such as Tau Dam, Hong Van, Van Chai, Bac Van, Vom Si, Vung Ong Vien beaches and the beach lying between large Co To and small Co To. If you take the time to go to the end of Tau Dam beach, you wil not only enjoy clear cool water but also see the seagulls birds searching for food along the shore.

While Bac Van beach is the home to starfish, Cau My beach is an ideal place to watch the waves and amazing cliffs. However, the most beautiful beach out of the beaches on Co To is Hong Van with miles stretch of white soft sands, flat shore, tranquil water and crystal pure like a giant mirror. At the beach, you could swim with colorful fishes or simply float on the sea, watch blue sky and constant changes in shapes of clouds.

Co To is well-known for both pristine beaches and primitive forests. This place has a dreamlike love road for tourists to stroll, leisurely ride in early morning. Moreover, you could also climb to the lighthouse to contemplate sea and small islands in the distance.

To reach the lighthouse, tourists have to go through a natural forest which is considered one of the most poetic pathways to mountain in Co To with roadside are blooming wild flowers, flying bees and butterflies, fresh air. Next to the attractive destinations, watching the sunset is an experience not to be missed on this island.

Despite being the furthest island from the mainland, Co To Island with its transparent blue sea, white smooth sand, golden sunshine, and green mountains and forest, is one of the best selections for relaxing.

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