Autumn - The Best Time To Travel To Vietnam

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Autumn is the most beautiful season in Vietnam because it is very cool, not too hot in summer, and too cold in winter or rainy days in spring so it is the best time to go out and travel around.

Travel to Vietnam in autumn from September to November to experience the most romantic time of the year. While Autumn in Hanoi - something romantic, peaceful, lovely and sweet, the Northern Vietnam are favored by nature with cool, mild climate.

It is not unreasonable when autumn lasting from September to November is the high tourist season in Vietnam. This period of time gives the most pleasant climate of the year especially in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam, where feature cool but also sunny weather ranging from 24-30°C.

Autumn - the most beautiful days in Hanoi

Do not bring a majestic beauty like "golden sea" in Sapa or Mu Cang Chai. Autumn Hanoi seduces with paths with golden leaves falling along with the gentle aroma of "Com".

When the  Hanoi autumn starts, the passionate milk flower’s smell is fragant all of the corner. These clusters of tiny flowers crowded as the pure white beam of the lantern that seems to have become very own beauty in Hanoi that no one has been. Milk flowers usually bloom in calm day and in night, so it makes long streets in Ha Noi more romantic and poetic. Walking around Ha Noi streets in this season, the scent of milk flower is everywhere. If one time on Quan Thanh, Nguyen Du, Tran Duy Hung, Le Duc Tho, Nguyen Van Huyen streets...even  someone to be indifferent must be agitated by the scent of passion, charm  which made them awaken all the senses.

You will love Hanoi when it starts to autumn,  the scent of Com cake is amazingly attractive. Com cake is the special gift of pastoral life, not in bowl, but squares in  the pack of the lotus leaf and is also packaged by fresh green rice straw around the outside. Fragrance of lotus leaf adhered to add flavor nuggets to make it increasingly so cool, so sweet and soft. Com is gift from countryside but no area has the delicious, pure and sweet taste like Com made in Vong village, Ha Noi. Sitting in a corner, watching the busy streets, sip a little bit of the burden nuggets with the Com cake selling vendors, it's nothing more interesting.

The charming beauty of Sapa in Autumn

Autumn is the most favorable season in year with cool and comfortable atmosphere, which is different with the very cold weather in winter and lengthily horrible hot weather in summer. Sapa in autumn is as favorable as Hanoi at this time. The little town surrounded by naturally beautiful landscape and beautifully diversified culture area in autumn is superbly attractive with tourists.

This is the best time for you experiencing the beauty of Sa Pa’s terraced paddy fields, especially Lao Chai village’s. The temperature often ranges from 21 to 25oC In autumn, the ripe terraced field which is selected as one of the most fantastic rice fields in Asia and in the world generates the superb sceneries of yellow rice and green of hills and forests surroundings. On the way to the town center, you may feel the autumn comfort and pleasance through the little cold breezes and slight sunshine. In the early morning of the fall, the cloud has not clear out yet and the fog has wandered around the town, which looks peaceful and fabulous like a picture. The picturesque sceneries under the cool weather may seduce most of the visitors to Sa Pa right the beginning of a trekking day. When the evening falls down, the sunshine is gradually replaced by the star night and slight light from the windows of smalls houses in the villages. Fall in Sa Pa is always pleasant, slight and comfortable. The evening in Sa Pa’s fall is pretty quiet but romantic at which you need time to enjoy such the best atmosphere apart from the bustle and hustle of the city life.

Buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flower season starts from end of September to end of October of lunar month. During this time, a 3 day long festival will be organized in many districts (Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac) in Dong Van province. The festival is to honor unique culture’s value of Dong Van stone highland through the image of triangle circuit flower. There are many interesting culture activities during the festival such as exhibition about the flower and products made from triangle circuit flower, triangle circuit's wine festival, etc. Also this is an occasion for tourists to experience characteristic entertainments of the ethnic people.

Mu Cang Chai – The yellow autumn in the highland

When jungle rain calms down to make room for the stunning autumn sunlight, it is time for backpackers trekking to the mountain in the sky to admire the golden autumn in Mu Cang Chai District in the northwest province of Yen Bai.

In autumn, the fields of Mu Cang Chai turn varying shades of brilliant yellow and are filled with life as ethnic Mong farmers, wearing traditional attire, harvest the abundance of ripe rice and shoulder bags of the grain home over mountains and hills and across swinging suspension bridges.  When the yellow Rice terrace are brilliant in September that is the time for discovery traveler come and enjoy the wonderful scenes in Mu Cang Chai ( Yen Bai province) in the North Vietnam. This is the best beautiful Mu Cang Chai in the year because you can see only the yellow color that cover all of rice terraces.

Autumn is the best season of the year for tourism, Vietnam tourism is no exception. This is also the time of romantic moments and to enjoy perfect vacations. You can refer to some of our best-selling tour tours at:

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