Vietnam And Fruit Kingdoms

Nga Do
Vietnam is known for being a country rich in tropical fruits. The fruit orchard wrongly became a familiar and beautiful image of vietnam in the eyes of tourists. Let's explore the wondrous kingdoms of vietnam:

Tien Giang - The Coconut Kingdom

Tien Giang and some other provinces in Mekong Delta are famous for their large fruit farms or you can just call them gardens, floating markets and beautiful nature. When traveling  to Tien Giang, you should also visit Ben Tre as these provinces are very close together. Ben Tre is known as the coconut kingdom in Vietnam due to its endless coconut farms.

Located about 70km from Sai Gon, Cai Be fruit garden is regarded as the biggest fruit granary in Mekong delta, attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world. This garden possesses numerous famous fruit cultivar including mango – xoai cat Hoa Loc, pomelo, longan, orange, etc. Landing in Cai Be fruit garden, visitors will have a chance to harmonize themselves with fresh green color of Mekong Delta garden while enjoying home-grown fruit specialties and meeting good-natured and hospitable local farmers. If possible, you should spend one night to visit Cai Be market and vicinity zones.

Vinh Long Fruit Garden

The ambrosial fragrances of the Vinh Long Fruits Garden have made it a top travel destination by tourists for years.  The gardens offer a wide variety of fruit in all four seasons.  

Here visitors can relax and get enjoyable hands-on experience in harvesting fresh fruit in the aromatic orchards and gardens.

Cai Mon fruit garden (Ben Tre)

Cai Mon ( Cái Mơn ) is located on the bank of the Tien River in Tien Thuy village, Vinh Thanh commune, Cho Lach District and Ben Tre Province. Cai Mon orchard is considered the cradle of fruit trees in South Vietnam, its small and narrow paths are covered with green trees bearing heavy sweety fruits. Tourists in Vietnam tourism coming there in any seaon can enjoy various fruits around the year.

Cai Mon farming village also provides millions of breeding-tree types such as durian, mangosteen, sweet mango, seedless longan, langsat and varieties of citrus. There are also many graft and multiplication artisans who create the diversity of bonsai shapes by the very spectacular figures of deer, stag, dragon, phoenix, etc. The products are widely sold in Thu Duc, Bien Hoa, and exported to many Asian countries.

Lam Dong Fruit Garden

Lam Dong stands out from the rest with its highly perfumed gardens lambasted with the fresh scents of persimmon, avocado, strawberries, rambutan, durian, jackfruit, and mangosteen.

Lai Thieu orchard

Located 20 km north-east of Ho Chi Minh City in Binh Duong province, the Lai Thieu 1,200 hectare orchards are quite simply wonderful and home to thousands of ancient fruit trees. 

Purple mangosteen is the fruit that has established Lai Thieu Orchard’s reputation for excellence.

If you’re looking for a mini getaway to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of city life – consider spending it with mother nature in Viet Nam’s fruit kingdoms.

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