Strange Market For Men Only

Nga Do
Experience the Sapa tours each season to discover new things in this land of Northwest. It can be said that the Northwest mountains and forests are nowhere to have a unique Nightingale market such as Muong Khuong highland market district, Lao Cai province.
Muong Khuong Market is located in Muong Khuong District, Lao Cai Province. It is 50 km far away from Lao Cai town, 90 km from Sapa. The market opens up on Sunday of week, in the early morning at 5 AM, ethnic people from anywhere of Muong Khuong Land coming here to get together for purchasing, selling, buying, drinking, talking, singing & eating. The market is miniature of Muong Khuong Land’s society about culture, tradition & custom of ethnic people. It is very unique of Muong Khuong Market to sell & buy the bird – Nightingale.

Strange thing is that this market does not have local women, If there are women, it is usually tourists from far away. Mr. Hoang A Hoa, a local in Muong Khuong district, he said: from ancient times, the highland Nightingale market is only for men and go to Muong Khuong market without watching the birds fight each other and hear birds singing is not like playing market ...

Nightingale market  is concentrated in a small street of Muong Khuong but focus a lot of nightingale from all walks gathered here. Moreover this market has bird cages, the craft products from hand made local people as well as the preferred food for nightingales.

Especially, most families in Muong Khuong have at least a bird cage hanging in front of their house. Therefore, you can see many ethnic men carrying their bird- cage to the market in order to show off. From there, the Nightingale image in the cage has become a unique culture of the people here.

The only way to see firsthand the Nightingale and learn about this special market is to attend the market Muong Khuong. A special voyage of Vietnam Typical Tours will take you to explore more of this mysterious city. 

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