Night Squid Fishing - The Unique Experience When Vietnam Sea Travel

Nga Do
Visit Cua Lo beach (Nghe An province) these days, travellers can hardly resist to the squid catching boat at night to enjoy every moment and feel the truly flavor of the sea.

From 19:00 pm every day, Cua Lo fishermen's basket boats are ready to take visitors to squid fishing. Previously, to get this experience, the visitors must be very hard and money consuming. But now, squid fishing service has become a common activity on any day of the week (if weather conditions are favorable). The squid season is usually from April to July, when squid come closer to the shore for reproduction. Visitors should rent a motorized canoe or speed boat to save travelling time, flexibly reach any destination, or quickly come back when getting seasick.

When the fishing rod becomes heavy, the fisherman must carefully pull up the fishing line, and quickly catch squid with a racket. The victory feeling will make visitors very excited. When newly catched, the squid is as clear as ice with the tiny black dots.

After that, its whole body turns to white opaque, about 10 minutes later, the dots completely disappear. Normally, the boat owner will prepare a mini stove and some charcoal to grill the fresh squids. After 10 minutes of waiting, catchers can enjoy their achievements. Visitors can only feel the truly flavor of the sea by experiencing as a fishermen, watching the sparkling sea at night and enjoying the fresh squid with friends.

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