Have you ever taken an overnight train from Hanoi to Sapa?

Nga Do
As many a traveler will tell you, taking an overnight train in Vietnam is quite an adventure, one that you have always found to be enjoyable and something to look forward to.

A narrow strip of land lying along the sea, Vietnam is known as a S-shape country and no wonder the railway system in Vietnam played an important role since late 19th century. Most of the railways in Vietnam were built by the French and there haven’t been much change for almost a century, and traveling Vietnam by train is an unforgettable experience.

Travelling from Hanoi to Sapa by train is a must on a journey to Vietnam. Especially a night train ride is an unique experience. There are different night train options available, as several trains start in the evening from Hanoi. Usually it is spoken about the train journey from Hanoi to Sapa in the mountains of North Vietnam. However, the trains end in Lao Cai, from where you have to continue by minibus to Sapa.

After a friendly welcome and a quick check of the train ticket, you are in your twin sleeper. Very cozy, very clean, everything made out of wood. You close the compartment door then rest and relaxation before joining the journey to explore Sapa.

Perhaps, a night train in Vietnam is also an enjoyable experience for you, renew your life with exciting experiences on different land, life is colorful.

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