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Nga Do
Ha Noi is not only famous for the home of beautiful landscape but also the land of great culinary culture in Vietnam. In the capital of Vietnam, you can find many delicious local dishes, especially- bun cha. This simple dish is a great combination of savory and fresh, it has vibrant colors and the harmony of the meat and vegetables makes this dish special.
It’s the smoke you notice first. Not the sight of it, but the smell. Meat is cooking somewhere. And it’s nearby. It could be coming from a gutter-level barbecue plopped onto a busy pavement. A Vietnamese woman wearing the flowing, pajama-like blouse called an áo bà ba is crouched, clutching a bamboo fan that she waves at the white hot coals in front of her. A pall of smoke envelops her customers, who are all bent bowlward, slurping tepid sauce, crunching herbs, and gnawing charred meat.

Another significant component of Bun Cha is the dipping sauce which is made of fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, water, fresh thinly sliced papaya and carrot. If spicy is not your problem, a little piece of chilli will be a great add-on. It is the balance of all the ingredients that determine the success of the dipping sauce. By keeping the sauce formula, Vietnamese people keep the spirit of Bun Cha.

Just like “Pho”, people make Bun Cha in different styles. In some places, the barbeque pork is grilled with bamboo skewers. You will have never tried this one before but it looks extremely tasty in the pictures. Other restaurants make pork with “xuong xong” leaves (they wrap the leaves around pork then grill it). The smell of the grilled leaves enhances the tastiness of the barbeque pork. In addition, many shops serve Bun Cha with Nem, Nem here made from crab meat. A really great combination.

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Addresses to eat in Hanoi:

- Bun Cha Hanoi at 34 Hang Than street
- Bun Cha Huong Lien at 24 Le Van Huu street, Hai Ba Trung district
- Bun Cha Dac Kim - No 1 Hang Manh street
- Bun Cha Hanoi at 74 Hang Quat Street,  Hoan Kiem district
- Bun Cha Ta at 21 Nguyen Huu Huan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

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