Tra Que village - A famous village should not be missed when visiting Hoi An

Nga Do
“The loveliest village on earth” seems to be an ambitious statement for Tra Que village if you haven’t made your road to this stunning countryside of Hoi An. Once you get there, you will thoroughly understand why that name is called out.


Located 3 km away from the center of Hoi An, Tra Que is well-known as the only freshest and cleanest vegetable supporter for Hoi An local foods. You can easily get there by motorbike, bicycle or simply a light walk.

This village has a perfect location between the old town of Hoi An and An Bang beach.


Established 300 years ago and surrounded by Đế Võng river, the first citizens of Tra Que had first lived on fish catching. Gradually, they took advantage of the river seaweed for vegetable manure. Since that time, Tra Que locals spend their lives on growing the best vegetable which is delivered to all Hoi An’s restaurants and households.

What make Tra Que village special

What makes Tra que village special is no chemical or toxic used in the plant growing process. It is to guarantee the best quality of vegetables. With a short visit to Tra Que, visitors can see firsthand how the farmers grow vegetables in their own ways.

Tra que villagers are always proud of their products, Mr. Thanh – an experienced farmer shared that all herbs in Tra Que are made without toxic or chemicals. It also has a natural fragrant smell thanks to the seaweed manure from Đế Võng lake. In addition, the unique farming land has greatly contributed to the fame of Tra Que vegetable. Even though you take seeds to another village for growing, the quality is not as good as they are in Tra Que.

According to Mrs. Do Thi Thanh, a villager: “Tra Que vegetables have a good smell with small leaves because it only takes 20 days from the first day of raising seeds to harvest day. Each kind of vegetable relates to different food; for example, coriander is used for chicken rice, balut, salad,… Sometimes, I also taught tourists how to grow herbs, separate land for suitable herb type, water plant,… Those who are not really good with their first-time farming still find plenty of joy during the process”.

Note that most foods in Hoi An focus on Ying-yang to balance the hot and cold inside a body. It means the amazing texture and rich nutrition of fresh vegetable in Tra que will revolutionize current standard of local foods in Hoi An.

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