Top 8 junk food streets in Hanoi

Nga Do
There’s no better way to truly understand Vietnam than through your stomach. Taste your way through the Hanoi City, enjoy the best fast food in Hanoi. During the trip to Hanoi, visitors will definitely be overwhelmed by the list of attractive cuisines. And once being strayed into the streets of famous street food restaurants such as Ta Hien street, Hang Than street, Ngu Xa street, Ly Quoc Su street, ... peoples can hardly ignore the food attached to the names of these streets.

1. Nem chua rán (Fried sour roll) in Tam Thuong Lane

In only about 10m long but there are 6 or 7 restaurants with all sorts of different types; therefore, Tam Thuong Lane on Hang Bong street is known as heaven of this cuisine in Hanoi. The roll is made by putting cured pork with shredded pork skins, covering the combination with flour and then deep frying it all in oil. It’s eaten with chili sauce and raw vegetables. The roll here are very special because they are not too fatty but extremenly crunchy.

2. Wonton noodles in Hang Chieu Street

Wonton noodles are made from flour and eggs, then rolled thinly so that the noodles are crispy while keeping the perfectly yellow color. It usually contains fresh shrimps, mushrooms and meat, wrapped in a thin layer of flour. In addition, the chef adds pork fillet, mushroom, a piece of boiled eggs, vegetables, and fresh shrimps. The soup is made from chicken bone, pork bone, dried sturgeon, some herbs and shrimp shells.

3. Dried beef salad in Hoan Kiem Lake street

Hoan Kiem Lake street is not only famous for being the shortest street in Hanoi, but also famous for its popular dried beef salad, always crowded every afternoon. This salad includes small sliced green papaya, dried beef, carrots, raw vegetables, peanuts and a few pieces of spinach mixed with sweet and sour sauce.

4. Bánh gối (Pillow cake) in Ly Quoc Su Street

Ly Quoc Su Street is famous for pillow cake with crispy and golden brown shell. It looks like small yeallow cripsy cake and is often stuffed with pork, chinese sausage, mushroom, vermicelli and some pepper, dried onions. It’s served by cutting into pieces with sweet and sour fish sauce for dipping.

5. Phở cuốn (Rolled Phở) in Ngu Xa street

Phở cuốn is a unique dish of Hanoians. It’s made by wrapping fried beef with onion, lettuce, coriandrum sativum, basil and other vegetables in a think wrap of the same rice roodle material. It’s served with a small bowl of dipping sauce. Although it is made after noodle soup, it quickly become the favorite dish of many people. Speaking of rolled noodle, Hanoians think of Ngu Xa - a winding little street, hidden behind the Truc Bach Lake.

6. Flan cake in Hang Than Street

In hot summer days, Hang Than street is always bustling with the flan cake's stores with a variety tastes such as traditional flan, egg flan, coconut flan, fruit flan, mixed flan.

7. Bia hơi (Draft beer) in Ta Hien street

Hanoi people love beer and also have a huge affection for sidewalk beer. There is a place named "street beer", it is Ta Hien street. This is also a favourist street that many foreigners love to explore in Hanoi.

8. Bánh rán vừng (Sesame Seed Ball) in O Quan Chuong street

Located near O Quan Chuong street (Hanoi), Sesame Seed Balls restaurants with sugar and pea sell as expensive as hotcake. It is made from flour, green peas added with sesame. Especially, it is so tiny that can be eated by just one bite.

Travelling to Hanoi city – Vietnam capital, you may be surprised by Hanoi street food – it is plentiful at everywhere that you look and is an integral part of the livelihoods of many locals. With the balance between fresh herbs and meats and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, the Vietnam food is various about the taste, smell and the Vietnamese food can be considered as one of the healthiest cuisines in over the world.

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