TIPS: 6 Interesting experiences in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet

Nga Do
Visiting the fishing village when the sun rise, driving offroad in the sand dune, sightseeing sunset from the light house are what you should experience to feel the beauty of the coastal area in Binh Thuan province.

Having picturesque fishing villages and resorts along the beach. Mui Ne – Phan Thiet has become a paradise of resorts for tourists who like sea travel.

Taking a rest in luxury resorts beside the white beach

Mui Ne is known as the resort capital with hundreds of resorts running along the beach. Coming here, tourists can leave their daily worries. In the morning, after waking up, tourists can listen to sound of sea waves and enjoy buffet party. Then  in the afternoon when the wind began to blow, tourists can fly the kite along the beach. the serenity in the beach of resorts will  bring  moments of comfort.

Taking part in marine sports 

In the beaches of  Mui Ne, the atmosphere becomes bustle in the afternoon when tourists take part in marine sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, riding canoes. These sports help tourists to have good healthy and  interesting experiences.

Driving SUV car in golden san dunes

Coming to Mui Ne, tourists can’t miss the chance to slide sand dune but driving a car in the sand dune is quite different.

Driving the Pajero Sport car in the sand dune doesn’t need too much experiences because it has exceptional features with 220 horsepower engine. When the car runs in sand dunes, tourists would get the feel like being in a large desert  of the Middle East or Southern Africa.

Visiting the fishing village at dawn

Market of Mui Ne in the dawn looks like a picture about life of fishermen in Vietnam with smacks full of shrimps and fishes come ashore  to excharge with traders, hosts of restaurants. Tourists can fully feel the life of local people here.

Sightseeing sunset from the light house in Ke Ga.

Along the coast of 30km in the south of Phan Thiet, Mui Ke Ga is a famous  beach beside the lighthouse. Tourists are attracted by various stone’s shape and colors there. Besides that, there is one of the tallest lighthouse in Vietnam as well as one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. Staying on the lighthouse top when the sun set, tourits can contemplate  a fanciful scenery  of peaceful beach in Ham Thuan Nam.

Discovering cuisine in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is known as a place producing famous brands of fish sauce. Fish sauce is the soul of seafood in this region.

The fatty fish slices taking from hot pot dipped in fish sauce of Phan Thiet may bring unforgettable experiences of cuisine for tourists. Futhermore, because Binh Thuan province is located between Central region and southern region, the cuisine of Phan Thiet is rich with many dishes like: Quang noodle, Mai fish salad, Vietnamese crepes which can easily satisfy tourists who like discovering cusine.

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