The unique experiences that even Hoi An people are less aware of

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Hoi An is now known as a very popular tourist destination of domestic and international tourists. Hoi An has so many interesting things that just by asking any locals, you will also be listed a long list of services for you to experience. However, there are some "very good" services that not all Hoi An people know!

1. Visiting Hoi An traditional village by wooden boat.

Kim Bong carpentry village and Thanh Ha pottery village are two traditional craft villages along the Thu Bon River. Put a spot on a unique wooden boat that people often call the "carp boat" intimate in the middle of the line, you will immediately feel the cool atmosphere of the river. One side is the streets are busy, the other is the mop, blue corn, create the harmony between nature and people. Come to the village, in addition to witness the talents in the art of artisans, you are also instructed to manually perform traditional handicraft products here.

2. Homestay and living with indigenous people.

To Hoi An, you can easily book a room in hundreds of Homestays with different rates and amenities in this city. Hoi An people are famous for being friendly, so even if you are a member of the family, go to the market, cook with your host, have a cup of tea with the host and other family members take to visit the old town. This will definitely be an experience you will never forget.

3. Visit coconut forest Bay Mau, Cam Thanh.

The ecotourism in Cam Thanh, Hoi An is developing as a form of tourism attracting a lot of attention of visitors at home and abroad. According to this tour, you will be able to visit the beautiful Bay Mau coconut forest by boat and take part in interesting activities here.

4. Walking around the old town and enjoying coffee at sunrise.

Another unique experience in Hoi An is the street where the sun is not yet visible. Wander the deserted streets to feel a rustic Hoi An, quiet to incredible. Try to visit a small cafe at the wharf to Cam Kim or at the corner of the Bridge Pagoda, you will witness a Hoi An turn away from the calm suddenly become bustling, bustling as the sun just came up. The students, the workers and employees ... who rushed to work. It is the most ordinary Hoi An that few people stop to feel.

5. Experience fishing with fishermen, learn Ba Trao song.

Come to Hoi An, try to visit the fishing village and participate in fishing activities here. You will be taken to the beach early in the morning and guided to throw the net, catch fish and enjoy your achievements right on the train. In addition, you are taught to sing Ba Trao - a unique art form of fishermen in the Central.

6. One day as a farmer in Tra Que vegetable village.

Tra Que Vegetable Village is 2km northeast of Hoi An. Here, you will see the whole process of growing green vegetables, clean, beautiful. Vegetable growers in the village will teach you how to grow, care for and harvest vegetables so that you can "wind up" your own seeds and vegetables. In addition, you can enjoy the dishes processed with the vegetables green vegetables of Que.

7. Participate in cooking classes.

Attending the class, you will be taken to the market to select the freshest ingredients, guide cook the right dishes "quality" Hoi An and enjoy them in a comfortable space between nature. This is probably the best thing that no cookbook has to offer.

8. Visit to Cu Lao Cham not only dive coral and enjoy seafood.

Speaking of Cu Lao Cham, you will probably think of diving coral and enjoying seafood. This is true but not enough, try to rent a cart at the wharf of Bai Lang and make a tour around the island, climb the highest mountain to see the panoramic Cu Lao Cham as a dream. In addition, a dive or walk in the deep forest, night camp fire on the still deserted beaches will give you a party on the sea really fun.

9. Make a photo in Hoi An.

Walking in Hoi An, anyone can become a photographer, because weeds here also exist as an arrangement of art! Come to Hoi An, do not forget to make yourself a set of photos to show with friends and family at home. In addition to small alleyways, ancient houses or lanterns the streets of the Old Quarter, there are many great places to turn your "snapshot" image into something more impressive: Cam Thanh field, De Voong river in Tra Que vegetable village, Cua Dai beach, Cu Lao Cham island, fields in Thanh Ha pottery village.

10. Enjoy traditional art.

Traditional art has become a cultural product for tourism in Hoi An. On the journey to experience the unique features of Hoi An culture, try one stop enjoying the art performances by the artists here. The smooth folk songs of Quang Nam, the unique musical instruments or the lively water puppet show will surely bring viewers new emotions.

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