I love Hanoi, I remember to smell the Milk flowers

Nga Do
I love Hanoi, although I just came to Hanoi for only one time. However, that time was my best time ever.

I came to Hanoi on an autumn day, and my first feeling was the feeling of a peaceful space, not like in Ho Chi Minh City. That feeling was overwhelming all my soul when I was walking along Nguyen Du Street and enjoying the Milk flower. Why was it so beautiful here? In the early winter night, in slightly cold spread hoarfrost, sitting on the bank of Thien Quang Lake, whether at the other side, I still smelt its perfume. I walked along the street and dropped myself in a sweet smell of Milk flower, the wind blew my hair, and I felt so great.

Milk flower on the streets of Hanoi goes deeply inside the memories of Hanoi people and all visistors who have come to Hanoi. It also goes into the music, the poetry, movies. Those are some good ways to introduce Milk flower to everybody. For me, means of communication such as internet or TV are the best ways to introduce Milk flower for all over the world. It is simple when everyone looks at all wonderful pictures or images of Milk flower, they will want to come and enjoy it. In Japan, they have cherry blossom, in Netherlands, they have tulip…How can we know about it? That is all thanks to means of communication. We must let them know that in Hanoi, we have Milk flower. Therefore, the things we need to do now are we should have a website about Milk Flower with pictures, clips, songs, poetry in many languages (if we can)… or we can hold more activities which relate to Milk flower. We must have some more activities to advertise this kind of flower. That was what I think when I saw Milk flower for the first time.

I love Hanoi; I love the early cold winter nights with Milk flower’s smell. I hope Milk flowers will be grown more on Hanoi streets. Milk flower is a precious gift that nature gives to us, especially to Hanoi, our beloved capital.

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