Cloud Waterfall - New wind in the heart of travel lovers

Nga Do
100 km far from Hanoi Capital and 10 km far from Ho Chi Minh trail, right at the border with Cuc Phuong National Park lies the most magnificent waterfall of Thanh Hoa Province – the waterfall of May (cloud in Vietnamese). Thac May (Cloud Waterfall) is less-known by foreign travelers but always bring you the exceptional experiences among the untouched nature.

Cloud Waterfall is also called “nine steps of Love” thanks to its glorious nine levers of waters, an ideal place for couples to enjoy nature together. Nine levels of water are said to be the tracks of nine ferries after they returned to the sky according to a local legend. It is a wild, mysterious and magnificent travel address for adventurers to explore in Vietnam.

It has more than ten cascades, that naturally form a terraced paddy field of over 400m. As implied in its name, the waterfall looks like wearing a cloudy hat of mist and evergreen coat of surrounding trees. The ideal time to see the May Waterfall is around August when it is sunny. The neighbouring waterfall of Voi (elephant) is most impressive in September and October. You can camp by the waterfall or stay with local inhabitants to have the full experience of this site.

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