Special desserts are made from bananas

Nga Do
The best food is something that looks simple but then surprises you with a complex burst of flavors. The southerners are known for their sweet tooth and how creative they can get with desserts. Give them some sticky rice, coconut milk and fruit and they will conjure up a sweet snacks that will blow your mind.

One of the most famous sweet treats that you can easily find on the streets of Saigon, and across the Mekong Delta, is chuoi nep nuong, or grilled banana wrapped in sticky rice.

The banana used for this dessert is a short, chubby type found in southern Vietnam and across Southeast Asia. It has an intense sweetness and a smooth texture. The ripe banana is peeled before it is covered with sticky rice steamed with coconut juice. Then to complete the banana mania, the cakes are wrapped inside green banana leaf before they are grilled over hot coals.

The whole process is actually easier said than done. The leaf wraps should look slightly burnt on the outside, but the cakes themseves must golden and juicy. The cakes will be cut into bite-size pieces and topped with coconut milk and roasted peanuts. For the dessert lovers, that's heaven on the plate.

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