Peaceful beauty in the ancient town of Hoi An

Nga Do
Among the world’s famous destinations in Vietnam on tourism map, Hoi An is properly the most special one with a special attraction that no place in the whole world can compare with. Almost all visitors come to Hoi An has the same feeling about this town: they never want to leave. Hoi An attract tourists with a very simple beauty: old, peaceful and charming.

Since Hoi An was built in 16th century, it has become a thriving port town over centuries. Till now, the town still remains the complex of architecture as its origin, including houses, temples, assembly hall, pagodas, shrine, well, bridges, etc. They combine with traditional customs and lifestyle of the locals, making it more attractive and become a unique museum of Vietnam’s ancient architecture and life.

Visiting Hoi An, you will have chance to admire high cultural values, traditional customs, lifestyle, folk games and ancient gastronomy of Hoi An people. It is like you return a truly 16th century town with a slow and peaceful and simple rhythm of daily life. You will see yourself stop and live with this rhythm and experience a “new life”.

We cannot miss amazing architectures in this ancient town. The highlight among them is more than 20 assembly halls and lineage halls, such as Chua Cau, Trieu Chau Hall, Ong Pagoda, Phuc Kien Hall, Quang Dong Hall, Quan Thang House, Tran Lineage Hall, etc. these are wonderful architectures with beautiful carved patterns, sophisticating sculptures and precious old antiques from Japan, China, India, Western and Vietnam.

Ancient houses in Hoi An is also an featured attraction. Moss-grow ancient houses with beautiful architecture are covered by colorful climbing flowers and sparkling light of lantern. You will feel a romantic scene and air when the night fall down because it is time local people hang poetic lanterns in front of their houses, on the street and local children drift floating lanterns on Thu Bon River. The whole town is shine by a fanciful and mysterious light of lanterns, creating a charming beauty for Hoi An – a beauty come from the simplicity, ancientness, peacefulness and the purity.

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